The Days of Our Lakers…

1 06 2007


Anyone feeling that the sports world was kinda thankful for the Kobe Bryant drama? The finals are a bust: the Spurs march on with a growing feeling of inevitability & doom (they remind me of Darth Vader, oh-so-much!), the best team in the East looks like it’s about to be elimated by the Cleveland LeBrons… and if they do, who really thinks they’re capable of creating a series versus the San Antonio Spurs, much less BEAT them?

Well, thank god for the Los Angeles Lakers…

Has there ever been a more drama-laden franchise in the NBA? Maybe, just maybe the Celtics approach it, but the events of May 30th (May 31st here in Japan) outstrip anything that’s going on in Boston. We have a diva performance worthy of any aspiring starlet, an incompetent GM who is doomed no matter WHICH direction the franchise takes, an owner who whilst all this is occuring is arrested, a supporting cast who have just been told in no uncertain terms by their best player “You guys SUCK”, and an un-named villain hiding in the midst, somewhere… lurking. If it were a TV show we’d ignore it all as being far too improbable.

Kobe – I’ve never seen anything like this in the NBA. It’s either the biggest tantrum by the sport’s premier diva, or a conniving performance that is truly machiavellian in it’s scope. Either Kobe is simply spoilt, and truly has no idea as far as what it takes to run an NBA franchise… or he has set his sights on eliminating those he doesn’t want around. Kobe can’t come out & say “Fire Kupcake”, so he does this… and the desired outcome is achieved. It’s a scenario that David Aldridge at the Philadelphia Inquirer believes, and one I’m beginning to myself. If Kobe can achieve this, he’s one step closer to getting Jerry West back.

If so, beware the Ides of March, Jim Buss (well, ok – it’s not March… but you get my drift!).

On Mitch Kupchak, can anyone believe what a total shambles he’s made of this post inheriting the sports premier franchise from West? I think he’s doomed now anyway… if Kobe gets his way, Mitch is gone. If Kobe is traded, then Kupcake is the guy who traded both Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant away. Put that on your resume & try get a job.

So today we have Jerry Buss stepping in, and massaging Kobe’s ego – telling him that they’re just as desperate and keen to win as he (Kobe) is (gotta ask the question tho’ – where was this comment 3 years ago?),and that they’re gonna make the moves that will put LA LA land back in contention… Well, Buss has done it before, he has pulled off deals that have amazed NBA fans & rival management alike. But this is the same front office that obtained Kwame Brown & Smush Parker. Excuse me if I’m skeptical.

My absolute favourite response to this has been that on Pyle of List. (Click the link, do it… you won’t regret it!) Treated with the humourous disdain that is appropriate for a performance of operatic proportions. And some of the suggested casting… sheer brilliance.

Oh well… I’m sure there’ll be more drama tomorrow, to steal the limelight from Lebron’s brilliant win over Detroit.




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