Blog-sifting… the weird, the nasty, and the downright amazing.

22 06 2007


Some really good stuff out there this week… and a weird lil’ tid-bit that was thrown my way.

  1. JP at Pyle of List argues why the Angels of Anaheim of Los Angeles of Orange County of… well… check out Take Me Out to the Ballgame
  2. A really good article on the difficulties facing baseballers of foreign origins with Signal to Noise’s We Forget English Is Tough.
  3. Rumors and Rants gave us an exploration of questionable personnel moves by the Texas Rangers in Tom Hicks’ Greatest Hits.
  4. I really, really enjoyed Winning the Turnover Battle’s Top Ten High School to NBA Busts.
  5. Bugs & Cranks put the Michael Barrett trade under the microscope in Barrett traded for delicious peanuts.
  6. A look at who is Reggie Theus, with HoopsAddict’s Hey! Whatever Happened To Reggie Theus?



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