Blogsifting: Thanks for all the fish

31 07 2007

Thanks for all the fishWell, 2 months down at With Malice… got a few people to thank, so gonna do it via a ‘tributary blogsift’. These folks/blogs helped – some a lot, some a lil’. Some by example, some by actual assistance. I’m still a novice I guess, but I’m starting to figure out what’s up. I look forward to learning more from everyone tho’.

So, in no particular order…

  1. JP at Pyle of List will be appearing on the web-radio program ‘The Feed Radio Show’. Check out more details here
  2. Our Book of Scrap‘s Doug loves MMA. From this article, we understand why.
  3. Ryan McNeill from HoopsAddict interviews Brian McCormick (on podcast, no less!), who wrote “Cross Over: The New Model of Youth Basketball Development”.
  4. At milk was a bad choice, Shorty looks at Uniforms (love the photo link there – one of my all-time favourite sports mo’s).
  5. Signal To Noise explores why – right about now – Kobe Bryant is throwing a tantrum.
  6. Man… I loved Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (but Bogus Journey kinda wreaked). So does RainCoaster: Ingmar Bergman, RIP.
  7. Deuce of Davenport – great guys… – share with us that Bonds has a big head, even without the steroids!
  8. Longevity. I hope for it, Matt at Blog a Bull has achieved it. Congrats on the 4th anniversary!

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KG to Boston, and why I like it (from a Boston perspective)

31 07 2007

Well… she’s in greenJust a short opinion – I’ve been hearing from a lot of Celt-fans that they don’t like it… here’s why I do:

  • Finally, your franchise is relevant again.
  • Pierce, Allen & KG can win the East. Hell, I could play PG for them and they’d still have a damn good shot (hey baby, I still got some game!). What’s that you say? They still won’t win the finals? Well, that’s not a given, and here’s why:
  • If the East can be won by a team with little difficulty, then they can get to the finals rested, and with heaps of ‘go’. If in that same year, the West is a total beat-up in the lead-up to the finals, But does he change water to wine?then the team from the West will go in there tired, exhausted. Yes, it does require the stars to be aligned just right… but it’s there.

Yup, I get it that Boston basically has maybe a three year window to get it done, but it’s a THREE YEAR WINDOW TO GET IT DONE! That’s something you didn’t have days ago. I also understand that by the end of the KG contract, they may well be in a worse place than they were a month-and-a-half ago… but the window is there. Take it.

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I’ll be on tomorrow…

31 07 2007

The FeedSo JA from The Feed runs a radio show called The Feed Radio Program, and tomorrow night at 10:30pm Eastern, I’ll be chatting on there with him, and JP from Pyle of List. Here’s the promo put on The Feed:

This week on The Feed Radio Program I’m happy to welcome two great guests who will join me to discuss the world of sports both here and across the Pacific in Japan. The show will start at 10:30 PM Eastern Time and you can give us a call at (646) 716-7961. You can listen to the show live via BlogTalkRadio by clicking here. You can also download it via that site or through the link at your right. Read the rest of this entry »

Top Sports Stories in Japan… (July 31)

31 07 2007

Steamin’…Wow… the cicadas are SO LOUD in the park across the street! Sounds of summer in Japan.

So… today in Japanese Sport Headlines:

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FIBA Asia – Jordan comeback!

30 07 2007

Hawtness at FIBA AsiaJust loved giving this a ‘Jordan’ headline… but we’re talking about the country, not his Airness. Anyway, Day 3 of the FIBA Asia Championships was full of the same few tight games, and the regular beatdowns as the heavyweights of the region played some minnows.

Jordan did comeback tho’… to beat the Philippines. In a tight contest, Jordan outscored the Philippines in the end, staying calm when early on it looked like the Philippines would run all over them. End result was a good win, with Jordan prevailing 84-76.

In other games on Day 3.

  • Lebanon thrashed UAE 106-64
  • India beat Indonesia 72-66
  • Chinese Taipei defeated Hong Kong 98-81
  • South Korea beat Syria 89-79
  • Qatar just beat Kazakhstan 76-69
  • Iran beat China 77-68
  • And Japan had showtime vs Kuwait 101-48

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Blog-sifting – we do the dirty stuff so you don’t have to

30 07 2007

Don’t get blog on me!So, what a busy week it’s been in the sports world?!!! Vick, Donaghy, and Bonds. What a group! Betcha each of their respective commissioners wish they’d never hear of ’em!

So… this past few days in blogs…

  1. Epic Carnival asks their writers what they’ll do when Bonds hits 756
  2. Babes Love Baseball drop some Suzuki-bombs on us when telling us about Ichiro’s 1500
  3. Phenomenal piece from The Extrapolater on Voodoo Sabermetrics – a conglomerative look at Barry Bonds.
  4. Chimpanzee Rage (has written here!) from Deuce of Davenport shares a bit of information that Michael Vick may come to regret – Well, So Much For That
  5. Brady Quinn holds out… uh-ohs from Winning the Turnover Battle.
  6. Plissken at the Buzzer shares with us the story that KG is going to may will probably end up a Celtic in I’m a man you don’t meet every day.
  7. HoopsAddict is into UFC!!! Well… a piece on Ultimate Fantasy Commissioner (to be honest, I had pictures in my head of Ryan McNeill in the octagon).

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Breaking news: Vieira wins Asian Cup, then quits

30 07 2007

Exiting Iraqi National team coach, Jorvan VieiraJorvan Vieira – the coach of the Iraqi National football team, who just won the Asian Cup – has quit. The absolute disorganization of Iraqi football was the reason behind not extending his 2 month contract.

Immediately after winning, Vieira announced his decision, and even tho’ pretty much everyone who had anything to do with Iraqi football begged him to stay, he has stood by his decision. Whilst stating he had no regrets about taking the job, he did say

“…I can’t fight against everybody. I’m looking for a club or a national team with good organization … here I’m doing everybody else’s job.” Read the rest of this entry »