China destroys Malaysia… (AFC Asian Cup 07)

10 07 2007

Asian Cup… ouch.National Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – In what could only be termed as a walkover, China established itself as one of the lead teams in this year’s Asian Cup, beating demolishing Malaysia 5-1. Wang Dong & Hang Peng lead the way with 2 goals apiece (51 minutes/90 minutes for Wang, 15/55 for Hang), and Shao Jiayi pitched in with 1 at the 36 minute mark. By the time Indra Putra Mahayuddin scored the lone goal for Malaysia, China were up 4-1. Wang’s at the 90 minute mark was simply gravy, the feast had already been set.

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4 responses

11 07 2007
Mike White

What kind of mother do you have to be to name your kid “Wang Dong”? Anyone who speaks English will never stop teasing him.

11 07 2007

Hi there Mike… funnily enough, having lived in Japan for quite a while – that didn’t even register. I guess it’s all perspective.
In Japanese, my name (Don) is an onomatopoeia for “thump” (a bouncing ball is don-don-don)… and you oughta hear what ‘mike white’ means in Cantonese! 😉

12 07 2007
Mike White

I know a little Mandarin, and I know that with the right pronunciation, just about anything you say could be something dirty.

12 07 2007

Heh! That it can… unfortunately now I can’t see the name ‘Wang Dong’ without a guffaw (do people even really ‘guffaw’?)… shame on you Mike! :p

By-the-way… I have a clip up of the highlights of this game, China look pretty impressive.

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