Asian Cup 07 – China vs Malaysia highlights…

12 07 2007

Asian Cup 07

AFC Asian Cup 07… Here’s some footage courtesy of YouTube on the 5-1 beatdown thrashing mauling win China administered over Malaysia on July 10th.

I’m not really sure if China are really that impressive, or Malaysia are that bad. I’m leaning towards the former. We’ll see a bit more of an indication when China play Iran on Sunday. One hopes Malaysia get it together a bit better against Uzbekistan.

Accompanied by Galvanize by The Chemical Brothers…

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5 responses

12 07 2007

malaysians are crazy about football, but not malaysian football. the majority of football fans follow the english premier league despite the matches being shown only on cable tv (those who don’t have cable go to restaurants which has astro installed to watch instead).

of course, many malaysian fans of manchester united were terribly disappointed when their planned visit here for visit malaysia 2007 was scrapped because of this asian cup thing. as if by stopping them from coming would garner any interest from football fans on asian cup…

12 07 2007

How has the attendance been Sulz? I haven’t been able to get a helluva lot of news about it…

12 07 2007

i didn’t even know about it until i read this post! :mrgreen:

try some malaysian news websites such as the star, the sun, malay mail and new straits times. i’d give you the links but this comment’ll go straight to akismet – you should have no trouble googling it.

12 07 2007

Heh… I just took it from your first comment that you live in Malaysia…

13 07 2007

i am. but it’s a big place with lots of things to do other than watch asian cup! hehe…

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