Asian Cup – Australia blown away by Iraq!

13 07 2007

Asian Cup… ouch.

Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok – Man… I’m gutted. Australia lost this game 3-1… which basically means that we (yes, I’m Australian) have to give Thailand an absolute HIDING (to make up goal difference) to have any chance at all of even making the quarter finals.

My apologies for not bringing a more detailed version of this, but meh… it’s Friday night, my team just lost, & I’d rather drink this nice bottle of white with a bud of mine. Short version: Iraq got three goals. Australia didn’t.

BUT… as a special bonus, giving you the highlights of the Iran vs Uzbekistan match… including the own-goal by Rahman Rezaei. A really foolishly executed ‘defensive header’.

(edit – adding Japan vs UAE to this post)

My Dinh National Stadium, Hanoi – Japan put their quest for a 3rd straight Asian Cup back on track with a good 3-1 win over the United Arab Emirates.  Up 3-0 by half time, the UAE side was never in it – totally outclassed.  Scottish league MVP Shunsuke Nakamura ripped a penalty into the nets, and Bundesliga striker Naohiro Takahara scored twice in 5 minutes.

Saeed Alkas slid the ball past Japan’s keeper, Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi – but all night he was up to the task set before him, and UAE didn’t really threaten.

If not for excellent work by goalkeeper Majed Nasser, the scoreline could’ve read even more lopsided.  Either way, UAE become the first team eliminated from the Asian Cup.

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13 07 2007
University Update - YouTube - Asian Cup - Australia

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15 07 2007
Mike White

As an American, I was rooting for Iraq to make it out of this group. Still, weren’t the Socceroos favorites to win the Asian Cup?

15 07 2007

They were indeed Mike, but their performance to date has been pathetic. They can *still* make the quarters, but it will require a super-human performance against Thailand.

Look to Graham Arnold losing his job over this…

15 07 2007

Hey don, anyone over there in your neck of the woods that thinks Aust are faves for this, is a long way off the mark.
We find ourselves in Asia now with no real strength in our national infra structure and a coach thats there out of public sympathy. I think you’re right about the task we face against the Thais and its just about time for the Japanese side to start rubbing their hands in anticipation, ’cause its going to take a HUGE effort to stop them. Upshot, no Guus – no way! Arnold hasn’t got the nous to handle what hes got in front of him.
O.K, I’ve had my rant, see ya next time.

15 07 2007

Most of Asia had ’em pegged as out-and-out favourites Loki (except maybe China) – and from what I’ve read of the Australian media, they did too. I don’t think we need Guus, but we did need to put in a coach that got the players’ respect immediately. I don’t know how they expected to do that with a coach that can’t even get a gig in the local domestic competition (A-League).

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