Game over. A-Rod/Boras 1 – Yanks 0

17 07 2007

Baseball’s soon-to-be $30million-dollar-man…So, A-Rod tells the Yankees that he won’t discuss his contract situation until the end of the season, and the Yanks respond with a demand that he negotiate an extension now, or Boras-be-damned, there will be NO negotiations at all… and no pinstripes for Rodriguez next season!

Seems to me that this is a move made in desperation – A-Rod & his agent Scott Boras hold all the cards, and the New York front office know this. Rodriguez is having a career year (isn’t funny how guys often do that when contracts are to be negotiated?), can walk away from his current contract at the end of this season, and there will be massive interest in him from a plethora of ballclubs.

The Yankees are behind the 8-ball: if Rodriguez walks, they lose the $31 million owed to him by the Texas Rangers… if by some miracle they can sign him to an extension, then that money is still there. If it comes to a situation where A-Rod walks on his current contract, and puts himself open to bidders, then the Yanks wave bye-bye to that money, and if they want Rodriguez (they do), they enter a bidding war with other franchises (they will, despite commentary to the contrary).

No more pinstripes?The thing that amazes me in all of this is that the New York Yankees expect Alex Rodriguez to ‘do the right thing’ & negotiate now… out of some misplaced sense of loyalty? Err… huh? Professional sports abandoned that a helluva long time ago, and the Yanks were at the forefront of encouraging players to walk away from their ballclubs to sign with them for the big bucks.

So now, A-Rod will walk away from $24 million a year ($6~8 million a year paid by the Rangers) – plus deferred payments from the Rangers of $3million a year, but potentially will earn in the vicinity of $32 million + a year. Seems like the smart course of action to me, and despite A-Rod’s protestations, he always has been a fairly mercenary type, going where the money is.

I think this all amounts to bluster on behalf of the Yankees. A-Rod says no thanks to contract extension negotiations (he has), and we’re to believe that the New York Yankees will not bid on his services? I don’t think so… who will they replace him with? Could Mark Teixeira end up a Yank?Mark Teixeira (but that would mean parting ways with some nice pitching prospects, something the Yanks can ill-afford to do)?

The winners in this are Alex Rodriguez & Scott Boras. A-Rod will sign a record deal post this season, and become baseball’s first $30-million-dollar-man (which becomes a nice lil’ payday for Boras)… that clears money off the books for Texas – who can now spend that money on Teixeira (possibly) – another Boras client. A-Rod gets to leave NYY with dignity intact, for he didn’t shy from the challenge that is playing in New York. New York shied away from him.

A-Rod takes the money & runs…The Yankees are doomed in this: either they are cowed by A-Rod, and bid for him – earning the ire of the Yankee Nation for paying to much… or they let him go – the best player in the nation – again the indignation of the Yankee fans will be huge.

Game over. Boras/Rodriguez cannot lose. And (much like the season is unfolding), the Yanks cannot win.

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4 responses

17 07 2007
J David

I don’t think that A-Rod owes the Yankees much. It seems like it has been hell for him since he has been in New York. And it certainly doesn’t appear that A-Rod feels any loyalty towards the team or Steiny.

In fact, I think A-Rod should ditch the pin stripes and pick up some sox; preferably red ones… 😉

17 07 2007

A good point on what A-Rod owes J, but I think he is rather mercenary. Still… who wouldn’t run towards the pay-day he’s going to get?

17 07 2007

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18 07 2007
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