It’s a Chimpanzee Rage Tuesday

24 07 2007


Thats right ladies and gentlemen, Don left me in charge for the day while he took a sabbatical from the long, arduous, time-consuming world of blogging…crazily, his time in Japan is way different than that here in Washington DC, so he’s actually back…but sleeping. So i’ll still throw up a couple posts today. Hopefully, i’ll do his site justice. For those who know nothing about me, besides being a big fan of With-Malice, I’m the co-creator of and author on Deuce of Davenport, as well as a contributor to the Epic Carnival. Lets have a little fun, shall we?Chimpanzee Rage will be posting here all Tuesday, if you wish to email him, do so at Deuceofdavenport[AT]gmail[DOT]com.




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