Blogsifting: Thanks for all the fish

31 07 2007

Thanks for all the fishWell, 2 months down at With Malice… got a few people to thank, so gonna do it via a ‘tributary blogsift’. These folks/blogs helped – some a lot, some a lil’. Some by example, some by actual assistance. I’m still a novice I guess, but I’m starting to figure out what’s up. I look forward to learning more from everyone tho’.

So, in no particular order…

  1. JP at Pyle of List will be appearing on the web-radio program ‘The Feed Radio Show’. Check out more details here
  2. Our Book of Scrap‘s Doug loves MMA. From this article, we understand why.
  3. Ryan McNeill from HoopsAddict interviews Brian McCormick (on podcast, no less!), who wrote “Cross Over: The New Model of Youth Basketball Development”.
  4. At milk was a bad choice, Shorty looks at Uniforms (love the photo link there – one of my all-time favourite sports mo’s).
  5. Signal To Noise explores why – right about now – Kobe Bryant is throwing a tantrum.
  6. Man… I loved Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (but Bogus Journey kinda wreaked). So does RainCoaster: Ingmar Bergman, RIP.
  7. Deuce of Davenport – great guys… – share with us that Bonds has a big head, even without the steroids!
  8. Longevity. I hope for it, Matt at Blog a Bull has achieved it. Congrats on the 4th anniversary!

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2 responses

31 07 2007

Isn’t Twister a sport? That’s gotta give Bogus Journey a place in your heart!

31 07 2007

Heh… as long as there’s alcohol involved, I think Twister rates…

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