KG to Boston, and why I like it (from a Boston perspective)

31 07 2007

Well… she’s in greenJust a short opinion – I’ve been hearing from a lot of Celt-fans that they don’t like it… here’s why I do:

  • Finally, your franchise is relevant again.
  • Pierce, Allen & KG can win the East. Hell, I could play PG for them and they’d still have a damn good shot (hey baby, I still got some game!). What’s that you say? They still won’t win the finals? Well, that’s not a given, and here’s why:
  • If the East can be won by a team with little difficulty, then they can get to the finals rested, and with heaps of ‘go’. If in that same year, the West is a total beat-up in the lead-up to the finals, But does he change water to wine?then the team from the West will go in there tired, exhausted. Yes, it does require the stars to be aligned just right… but it’s there.

Yup, I get it that Boston basically has maybe a three year window to get it done, but it’s a THREE YEAR WINDOW TO GET IT DONE! That’s something you didn’t have days ago. I also understand that by the end of the KG contract, they may well be in a worse place than they were a month-and-a-half ago… but the window is there. Take it.

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12 responses

31 07 2007

The Celtics are not beating the top 3 teams from the West which means WHO THE BLEEPING BLEEP CARES if they win some games.

Don’t you understand that winning some playoffs rounds is not enough” and that is a Danny AInge bleeping quote.

If you are going to celebrate being relevant again then that is the loser mentality.

Hollinger has a great article up on ESPN. That is welcome to reality

31 07 2007

Err… first of all: I’m not a Celtic fan. Second of all, I suggest you read the whole post before commenting. Making commentary like the Danny Ainge quote just intimates that you haven’t read the whole thing. Short article too. Shouldn’t strain you too much. 😉

31 07 2007

Man with all these teams making huge deals, i don’t know what bandwagon to jump on! Anyways i think the Celtics really need to address a few key areas.

– The Celtics would do very very well in the future if they managed to find a low post threat. Any big man can do other than KG. Without another offensive talent in the paint, teams will be able to double up on KG. Now grant it he could toss it to a slashing Peirce or Ray Allen for the three, but outside of those two, the offense looks a little too weak.

-A point guard. Yes, Rondo looks like a great prospect, but he is still too young and unpolished. He is working with 3 superstars. They will not tolerate stupid mistakes. Last time i heard, theres a decent point guard in Knight left in free agency. Knight got some dimes in Charlotte without any allstars around him. Plus he is a veteran and could further Rondo’s development.

– Scoring off the bench. The way i see it, Tony Allen is the only threat off of the bench. I’m not sure about Gomes, i haven’t seen him play much and i always thought of him as a rebound hustle guy. Anyways, scoring threat off the bench in Tony Allen is good, but they already have Ray Allen and Peirce as scoring guards. There aren’t very many scoring free agents left that arent SG/SF’s except for Boykins. The celts could look to trade for a scorer, but i think that this trade is the end of all trades for boston for now.

31 07 2007

Some nice points Will… & I agree, other than the minor adjustments – Boston’s finished on the trade scene. Still, if Le Bron + pieces can win the East, surely KG+Pierce+Ray+bits can get it done. Certainly makes ’em more a factor than they were (agreed – long distance they’re gonna hurt).

31 07 2007

You said you liked the deal. I didn’t have to read anything bleeping else.

I hate Danny AInge and I am sick of him getting credit. I hope Garnet breaks a leg. Literally.

31 07 2007
University Update - West 8 - KG to Boston, and why I like it (from a Boston perspective)

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31 07 2007

a) So you didn’t read the article… do you realise how stupid that sounds?
b) It’s ‘Garnett’.
c) You sound like a vicious lil’ piece of work. “…hope Garnet breaks a leg.”? All class. [insert roll-eyes smilie]

31 07 2007

Welcome to free speech when its your opinion huh asshole.

I hope he breaks a leg. I really do and I hope its falling over your fat ass.

Yes I read the blog but you agreeing with this trade is what your blog is about right?

Talk to me when Garnett, Pierce and Allan are all hurt and Perkins is your best player. Allan already missed almost the whole year because of injury and so did Pierce. Kobe led his team to the playoffs with no help and Garnett at least had Davis scoring some points and hitting some big shots.

You’re an isiot like most of the Celtics fans that just realized Boston had a team 24 hours Loser

31 07 2007

ROFLMAO… yeah, right – in this conversation I’m the “isiot”. I’m sure that’s what people reading this are thinking. [rolls eyes]
Free speech? Go nuts kid, feel free to look the complete foaming-at-the-mouth nutsoid.

You may have read the post now, but you didn’t initially. Just run off at the mouth like a moron with oral diarrhea… you initially gave the Danny Ainge quote: “Don’t you understand that winning some playoffs rounds is not enough” – as I stated IN THE ARTICLE, with this team they have a window of opportunity. Yes, that chance comes at the expense of mortgaging the team down the track – but there is NO QUESTIONING that this makes them a better team than they were last year.

I guess you’re new to basketball, huh? So we’ll cut you some slack – You take the top three players out of ANY TEAM and they don’t make the playoffs.

1 08 2007

Hey Don,
Finally – after much ducking and weaving, more media spin than Warnie ever showed and a hell of a lot of 2ing and fro-ing, Ainges finally gets his man!!!

As a Celtics fan, this is great, it may just be a band-aid solution yeh, but hey, live in the here and now, like you said, its a 3yr window, so why not celebrate for what it is- a genuine title shot.

Too many out there saying where to in a couple of yrs (me included) but thinking about it, a hell of a lot can transpire in those couple of yrs. Regardless of what others say, in my humble opinion, Rondo is definitely a work in progress and will be embraced by the big 3, not hung out to dry if he makes a mistake. So, roster wise, it all sits good from my point of view for the the upcoming season. Im not huge Ainges fan either but at least hes got the strength to stick to his convictions – albeit somewhat askew at times.
Either way, it’ll be an interesting year – and might just relight some of those classic ‘Celtics/Lakers’ rivalries. Pity no Bird/ Magic though – its just not the same these days (sighs and exits)

1 08 2007

Heh… glad to see SOMEONE agrees with me! 😉

2 08 2007

I also agree.Go for the win now while you can and pays the bills later.

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