Letter from an anonymous NBA star…

9 08 2007

For this story, I’ve edited out the names of players/teams as to protect anonymity. Due to computer problems, I had to use a sharpie.

So, I’m a huge Obviously this is just part of a satirical commentary fan. Huge. So it’s really disappointing for me to idly sit around whilst they do… nothing. So I sent a letter to Well… obviously this isn’t really from Kobe, it’s just a satirical commentary on how the guy’s gotta be feeling right about now.  I mean, look at all the trades going down that do NOT involve the Lakers… you gotta ask: are they going to add ANYTHING? in the hope that maybe he could shed some light on the situation. This is actually the third in our series of correspondence, but I thought I’d share.

This letter is not from Kobe

This letter is not from Kobe #2

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14 responses

9 08 2007

OMG, this is great lol! . Go Lakers!

9 08 2007

I feel bad for Kobe having to carry the load by himself like that. It can’t be easy. I watched Lebron James do it for Cleveland and they only went as far as winning the Eastern Conference finals. The way he shouldered the load against Detroit and gave all those assists to his team mates, hardly shooting at all in some games. I wonder why Lebron doesn’t complain about the help he gives his team mates.

9 08 2007
Aaron Becker

Kobe got what he wanted – ‘duh man’ status for the Lakers and look how he’s dealing with it. I can’t wait till I can be a Laker fan again some day.

9 08 2007

Yeah, I don’t know why Lakers have gotten into this slump. We all know they can do way better. I don’t know who feels worst, Kobe having to carry them on his shoulders, or the team knowing its doing nothing to help.

9 08 2007

That’s the strange thing Alan – it’s not like the Lakers haven’t spent money… they’ve just spent it poorly.

9 08 2007
chimpanzee rage

This is hilarious. I dont know how you did it, but it looks brilliant too. Well played sir, well played.

9 08 2007
Used Cars For Sale

lol, i love this! The lakers should just put the money out there already and build a team, not just rely on kobe.

10 08 2007
Marquis Chapman

Man, I feel so bad for Kobe. If only he had some help. If only he had a 7’1”, 350 pound future H.O.F. big man….. Oh wait, Kobe didn’t like him so much did he?


10 08 2007
Brock Samson

Yeah, Marquis. And let’s not forget Phil. What, was Kobe bored winning all those rings? He blew up the Lakers as surely as Krause blew up my Bulls, and it’s going to take just as long before the Lakers are championship material again.

But he is right about In-N-Out. Man I miss those.

10 08 2007
abu ameerah

Has everyone forgotten who the real victim in all of this is? Are we blinded by our own ignorance? How have we become such a cruel and uncaring society?

I’ll tell you who the “victim” is … its Kobe dammit! He’s just a victim of his own success. I mean who told Kobe to end up being such a brilliant player so young? The Lakers should just give in to any, and all, of his demands. Even if that means allowing Kobe to coach the team as well. Who even needs a coach when you’ve got Kobe Bryant?! … KOBE BRYANT!


10 08 2007
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