Top Sports Stories in Japan… (August 13)

13 08 2007

Beach fun…Today is a ‘paper holiday’ in Japan (no newspapers printed), so unfortunately – no news-links today. Here’s a bit of Japanese hawtness anyway!

So, off on a lil’ bit of a trip this afternoon… so additions over the next few days could be a lil’ sporadic – not sure of internet where I’m going, but I’ll try!  Still – there will be an All-Black preview (in 3 parts) over the next 3 days by everyone’s favourite one-eyed All Black supporter, The Riddler.






5 responses

13 08 2007

How many all black reviews do we really need?

13 08 2007

Errr… it’s the only review of the ABs we’re having here. And it really was huge. Too big for one article!

14 08 2007

Hey Don, happy 50,000 hits dude… you will have sole rights to my NHL blogs… speakin of which, where are they arghhhhhhhhhhhh… hehe…

14 08 2007

Hey zneaky – writing at the moment from my sister-in-law’s computer, out in the ‘countryside’ here in Japan. Thanks mate… I believe there’s an article being printed out tomorrow from you (stuff’s on auto-pilot whilst I’m away).

14 08 2007

Auto pilot!!! LMAO, sweet as Don…

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