Epic Fantasy Football League – Go Tanukis!

27 08 2007

Epic Fantasy League

So, as many of you know, I (Don) write over at Epic Carnival from time-to-time in addition to here (thus the link to the right). All very involved in NFL… so we have a 12 team fantasy league.

The draft’s just done, so here’s my team that I drafted. Assess, abuse, or even just look.

  1. RB – Joseph Addai (Ind)
  2. QB – Carson Palmer (Cin)
  3. TE – Antonio Gates (SD)
  4. RB – Carnell Williams (TB)
  5. WR – Plaxico Burress (NYG)
  6. QB – Phillip Rivers (SD)
  7. Def – Chicago
  8. WR – Joey Galloway (TB)
  9. WR – Isaac Bruce (StL)
  10. K – Robbie Gould (Ch)
  11. WR – Jerry Porter (Oak)
  12. TE – Owen Daniels (Hou)
  13. Def – Denver
  14. WR – Joe Jurevicius (Cle)
  15. RB – Chris Henry (Ten)

By the way… a ‘Tanuki’ is a racoon-dog of Japanese Mythology… ‘the Trickster’.




One response

29 08 2007
Aaron Becker

I just did my $$$ league with my friends back in the States over the weekend. I had the #3 pick and tried to pull off a trade (with a Ram fan), just in case I got S.Jackson, as he had the #8 slot, but his 2nd & 3rd picks were much higher than mine, and I was hoping to get S.Alexander at #8 – but I ended having to take Alexander with my 3rd as Jackson went #2.

I’ll have to send yuh my team here soon.

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