Top Sports Stories in Japan… (September 30)

30 09 2007

Sayaka Ando - becoming quite the postergirl on With Malice…Pretty happy to wake up and find that Fiji had beaten Wales… good times.

Raining, and cool today.  Relief.

Today’s sports news in Japan:


Death of a boy… what the hell is going on in Sumo?

29 09 2007

A 17 year old’s death raises many question in Japan’s oldest sport…

Takashi Saito joined the Sumo Training House (stable) in early May, a little over a month later… he was dead.

The death of Takashi Saito on June 26th should just not have happened.
There is no way anyone can justify the slaying of a 17 year old boy during a training session, especially within the circumstances that Saito died.

Stable Master Tokitsukaze - a criminal?Takashi Saito, who was at the Tokitsukaze sumo stable in Inuyama, central Japan, was beaten to death by the very people who were charged with his daily care.
Saito was involved in a session of sparring practice, where a junior wrestler will smash himself against a senior, each time getting thrown down by his older, stronger opponent. This training is very taxing, and normally only goes for 2 or 3 minutes. The sparring session that resulted in Takashi Saito’s death went for 30 minutes, perhaps longer… and involved a group of senior wrestlers kicking and beating Saito even after he had fallen to the ground. It’s reported that at one stage they even used a metal baseball bat… And this all occurred with the stable master Tokitsukaze supervising the training. Read the rest of this entry »

Top Sports Stories in Japan… (September 29)

29 09 2007

Still warm enough for Isoyama SayakaCool day today!

Man… so over the heat.

Anyway, today’s top sports stories in Japan:

Riddle me this: Who are the Bunnies in the RWC?

28 09 2007

A man who now needs no introduction…

Round 4 Preview

Riddler?  One-eyed All Black fan!
Well the final round robin round begins this week. After a lack-lustre effort, many of the six nation sides face the unenviable prospect of elimination in the pool stage. An embarrassing situation to say the least for most of them. Meanwhile the SH tri nation powerhouses have all locked up top spots with Argentina hot favourites to complete the SH pool winners clean sweep.

Onto the games and the first one is a ripper…

Jonny - a target? England vs Tonga
Jonny is back… but England are still crap. Tonga on the other hand have been an absolute revelation at this tournament. They beat the Yanks, beat Samoa in a game many thought they would lose and came within 5 points of beating the South Africans. England on the other hand struggled past the US, got walloped and left pointless against the South Africans and managed to overcome Samoa very late in their game. On current form Tonga deserve to start favourite here. They have been far more impressive. But the English will likely get over the line here due to a more structure forward pack and the boot of Jonny Wilkinson. This will be no walk in the park with huge stakes for both sides. Winner here goes through to the quarter finals against Australia. Although it pains me to say so, I think England might get the job done here but by no more than 10 points. Read the rest of this entry »

Carnival of the NBA #50!

28 09 2007

Congratulations to Matt at Blog-a-Bull!!!

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Kicking Balls: That one day in September

28 09 2007

Kicking BallsAFL Grand Final: Geelong vs Port Adelaide

One day in September… and it’s here.
And who will win?

It’s hard to look beyond Geelong. They’ve been the benchmark all year, and their destruction of the Kangaroos was phenomenal. But that was nothing new – they’ve won matches like that all year… and they are yet to lose a game by more than 20 points thus far this year – they are always in the contest.

The ever-dangerous Shaun BurgoynePort are a different kettle of fish. They too destroyed the Roo-boys: to the tune of 87 points last week. They started the year slowly, but built up a damn good record by the end of the year, finishing very strongly. Their forwards have been the goods during this period, but their backline has been fragile. The Power have put up big scores, but have also have big scores put up against them. This may well suit Nathan Ablett, who has struggled somewhat this finals series. Read the rest of this entry »

Kicking Balls Special: isc-daws is a daddy!

28 09 2007

new bub joins the Dawson family!Just a lil’ bit of info to share with any AFL fans who read this blog & are wondering where the hell the regular AFL writer isc-daws is.

On the 19th of September, his first child was born. Kimberly joined the world at 5:41pm, weighing in at 2.9kg, and 49cm. Mother & bub are fine, Dad’s trying to remember what a full night of sleep’s like.
Direct quote: “The next person who uses the phrase “slept like a baby” in my presence shall receive a swift kick to the nether regions…”