Yet another Fantasy League football team

2 09 2007

Cedric Benson - my top pick…

Undo Baka Bakka…

So, I’m in two fantasy football leagues – the Epic one, and one with a group of folks I’ve known for a looong time. 20 teams. Draft was a marathon, and difficult. And… guess where I drafted? That’s right… goddamn 20th. So, I have a few major holes – the lack of a decent back-up QB being one of them… but overall pretty happy.

Positions are QB/RB x2/WR x2/TE/Def/K

My team, in order I picked…

  1. Cedric Benson (Chi) RB
  2. Edgerrin James (Ari) RB
  3. Donovan McNabb (Phi) QB
  4. Chicago Def
  5. LJ Smith (Phi) TE
  6. Chris Chambers (Mia) WR
  7. Greg Jennings (GB) WR
  8. Josh Brown (Sea) K
  9. Brian Leonard (StL) RB
  10. Drew Bennett (StL) WR
  11. Demetrius Williams (Bal) WR
  12. Devin Hester (Chi) WR
  13. George Wrighster (Jac) TE
  14. Seneca Wallace (Sea) QB

Not overly terrible… some folks did worse (gogo auto-draft lovin’ Strongy). Don’t you love it when Jake Plummer gets drafted due to Auto-draft?




2 responses

3 09 2007

I’m assuming it was a snake draft–in which case, you didn’t do bad at all. Solid RBs and Donovan’s a decent QB at #60. WR Jennings could surprise some folks…

3 09 2007

Hey man… thanks – yup, snake-draft – and a blessing that was. Following in order each round may have killed me!

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