Blank looks from Arthur

3 09 2007

Falcons Owner, Arthur Blank.  Gotta be feeling absolutely SHAT on by Vick…Talk about not having your finger on the pulse of society…

Here in Japan, it’s Monday morning. Another week begins. And I gotta say: I’m still astounded by the fact that Arthur Blank refused to cut Michael Vick from the Atlanta Falcons. “it’s not in the long-term best interests of our franchise.” Really? You figure? So, rather than make a swift, clean cut on this… it will all get dredged up once Vick a) serves his prison time… & b) does whatever time Roger Goodell applies in regards to his suspension.

So Blank hedges his bets that Vick may still be worth something once that’s all said & done. At first glance, it appears to be a smart business decision. Vick might be a valuable player even after he’s served his time – perhaps not at QB, but maybe as a receiver or back… perhaps even as a special teams guy. He certainly is one helluva an athlete.

But the decision lacks the closure that Atlanta deserves. Surely they have a right to that. With both his words and actions, Vick didn’t just lie to the Falcons management or the NFL impresarios. He lied to everyone, and that’s especially galling to those who gave him the most. The fans of the Atlanta Falcons.

In a recent Gallup poll, an overwhelming 58% stated that they did not think that Michael Vick should be allowed to play football again. Ever. Yet Blank feels that it’s not in the best interest of the franchise or the fans for Vick to be dumped? the general populace disagrees with you Arthur.

There is the chance that Roger Goodell might make Arthur’s tergiversation moot. Goodell has certainly left the door open to extend the ‘indefinite’ suspension into a life-time ban. Goodell’s insistence that Vick’s claim that he did not personally gamble on the fights or share in the profits is irrelevant doesn’t bode well for the embattled star. Even associating with illegal gambling can incur a lifetime ban.

Scratch that…And now Vick has found God. And calls dogfighting “a terrible thing”. That it is. But I gotta say… I’m quite dubious of the words of a man who first commentary on all of this was that he had nothing to do with it. Who felt quite comfortable lying to the NFL, to the Atlanta Falcons, and to John Q. Public. I just don’t want to hear it right now.

Sorry Michael, I’ll listen again in 18-60 months.

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3 09 2007
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3 09 2007
Signal to Noise

The general populace doesn’t have much of an idea that if Blank announces an intention to cut Vick, that the union will seek to have him cut immediately, which means the Falcons can’t try to get back the $22 million they already gave him in signing bonus. That is an idiotic power grab that shouldn’t fly anyway; regardless of the ugly things Vick has done; he already earned that money. The only reason this is permissible (or even within the realm of possibility) is because the NFLPA is a joke, incapable of protecting even the guaranteed portion of its members’ contracts.

4 09 2007

“Blank looks from Arthur” – ha ha ha ha

This whole situation is just further proof that just because one is good at business doesn’t mean he can effectively run a professional football franchise. It is also further proof that Robert Kraft is the best owner ever and I am more than thankful he’s all ours (I’m a Pats fan BTW).

6 09 2007
Mark Logsdon

Well, thank goodness the Union is stepping up to protect the downtrodden professional athletes in the U.S. Especially the quarterbacks – if they had to actually face the consequences of their actions, what would a poor 3rd-string guard have to put up with. Next thing you know, they’d all have to actually meet the terms of their contracts, and then where woudl free enterprise be?

He “earned” the signing bonus? In my world people earn their daily bread with the sweat of their brow. US$22M for signing a document is earning anything. Is Vick a gifted physicla psecimen – yeah, sure. Do I want to get hit by NFLlinebackers – no, not much. But “earning” a contract package worth $120-130 Million – give me strength.

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