Blogsifting – pulling it out

6 09 2007

Asian Cup… ouch.

Yup, today we’re grabbing blogfrica (still want a better term) and pulling it out – to find lil’ nuggets of wisdom.

So three months has come & gone in a blur… from humble beginnings with just me writing, we (I can say that without feeling like a total tool now… as there are more than just ‘me’ writing here now) have a few different guys, with differing levels of participation. A few guest writers (thanks guys): Kip, Caomhan & Ado. Some guys who’ve written on a relatively regular basis – ZneakyP, Bigredman & The Riddler… and iscdaws, who covers AFL & anything I can persuade him to write on. Well done fellas. Big thanks to the crowd over at Epic Carnival too…

So, on with this issue of Blogsifting… heading into a big month of sports!

  1. Babes Love Baseball. Apparently. Hell, pretty much most of my news on MLB is ascertained from them… fonts of baseball knowledge wrapped in pretty pink bows. Kinda. If you want excellent wrap-ups of your baseball games, like this one on the Indians beating the Twins, pay them a visit. They’re a triple-threat now with Sarah joining Sooze & Lizzy.
  2. If this guy were in the AFL, he’d have crowds baying for his blood. Courtesy of More Credible, Justin Reed loves the Weed.
  3. Holy mistaken identity, Batman! Egads, talk about identity theft – Who was this guy, really? 100% Injury Rate
  4. For hard-hitting NFL reviews, go to Epic Carnival – you’ll get stuff just like this Oakland Raiders review (written by The Original JD from Six Pack Sports Report).
  5. Nick Underhill at I’m Writing Sports produced this excellent review of the top 25 25-and-under baseball players.
  6. A welcome back to Pedro, over at One More Dying Quail
  7. Recently started swapping emails with Liston over at Introducing Liston. Guy’s a riot (actually, it’s basically him sending me stuff & me telling him it’s nuts… but god – he’s funny). One of my very first favourite blogs interviewed ListonPyle of List.

On a special note, the most excellent blog Awful Announcing is running a competition for an iPhone! It’s an NFL Pick ‘Em league – get details here!

That’s it for now… I need a shower (blogsifting’s mucky work).




2 responses

6 09 2007
More Credible

Pictures of girls playing soccer? In bikinis? And mud? And hot?

Home run! err… goal!

6 09 2007

Yes, I say “Yay” daily.

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