Prepared to drop his nationality, and his pants

6 09 2007

Yu Darvish - getting married, getting naked

Yu Darvish. Professional baseball player here in Japan. Pitches for the Nippon Ham Fighters, and is regarded by his American manager, Trey Hillman, as being one of the best pitchers on either side of the Pacific. Whilst he’s expressed interest in playing in the US, he still has another 6 years to go before free agency.
Anyway… Life’s been pretty busy for Darvish. Getting married, getting Japanese, and getting naked.

Darvish recently revealed that his girlfriend – actress Saeko – is pregnant, and they’ll be getting married soon. Japanese law decrees that at the age of 22, citizens of mixed-nationality parentage must make a decision as to what nationality they desire. Darvish’s father is Iranian, and Yu will choose to become Japanese – and play for the Japanese Baseball team in the 2008 Olympics (Darvish turns 22 on August 16th 2008).

Rumour is that Darvish also did a nude spread for Women’s Magazine. Good for him – I’m sure he’s no Daniel Radcliffe as far as attracting attention, but the girls in Japan obviously dig the 21 year old guy, and he’s obviously reveling in the fame. He has a blog – very stylish, but the English is a lil’ questionable. He announced his girlfriend’s pregnancy with:

It is after a long absence.

I was given a child between Saeko of the actress as Yu Darvish, Ham FighterI announced it in a last match.
Because I try hard to work hard from now on, please support this thing.

The 196cm Darvish was named MVP for the Pacific League in Nippon Pro Baseball for August, winning all 5 starts & posting an ERA of 1.35. Thus far this season he’s 13-4, with a healthy 2.00 ERA.
Kid can play ball… he’s definitely a name to remember.

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8 responses

7 09 2007
Extra P.

I’m keeping my eye on Darvish. If the Red Sox will pay through the nose for Daisuke, surely the Yanks will do the same for Darvish just to “keep up with the Joneses”.

7 09 2007

dropping your pants is not necessary bro….no one wants to see that stuff

7 09 2007

I don’t want to see it… guessing you don’t either. But I’m pretty sure that there are several million housewives here in Japan who’d pay their 500 yen to see his junk. 😉

8 09 2007

Or we can just wait till you upload the scan for us, right? Hey, anything to grow readership!

I’ve seen worse. We should encourage all ball players to show us how they use their balls.

14 05 2008

I think the Yankees already showed “they can keep up with the Joneses” when they shelled out 40 million for a AAAA quality pitcher, aka Igawa.

14 05 2008

Don’t expect that to stop them Mike…

2 05 2009

I don’t get why it’s necessary for anyone to drop their pants. It’s even stupid to start a blog on something so insignificant. Why are Americans so enthralled with stupid tabloid news? Who cares? I haven’t seen the nude pictures, but the boy is 6’5″ tall.

BTW, you should check out the Andromedical Study, the Japanese actually have a larger average erect penis size than Americans. The Japanese even made the average for the study. However, in most of these nude photos, the boys are flaccid, otherwise it would be pornographic. It’s very ironic that Darvish is Persian & didn’t haven’t even quams about dropping his pants. Isn’t he a Moslem? If so, shame on him.

11 01 2010
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