The WTF College Football rankings… week 2

7 09 2007

NCAA… ummmm… huh?Ok… my 20+1 for this week. Hell, I bet I was the closest blogger who had Michigan where they deserved to be (I had ’em at #15)… but let’s not be too sore at the Wolverines (I know there’s one certain X-Man pissed over the use of the name): Chuck Weis is certainly happy someone’s taken the heat off him.

Anyway… I figured that I better do something a lil’ more realistic than simply go on Helmets this week. So I figured I’d just draw names out of a hat (no AA teams… didn’t realise I wasn’t allowed to rank ’em!).

And awaaaaay we go!

20+1: (rummage sound…) LSU – boy… do I feel stupid. Even I know they’re better than this. Oh well… shoulda frozen the envelope.
20: Rutgers – ok… a lil’ better. I mean… Buffalo in week 1? Grow a pair.
19: Auburn – Hell, happy with putting them there. Their helmets SUCK.
18: Georgia – Shut-up Bulldogs, just be happy you made it.
17: Hawaii – here you go Colt. This is the highest ranking you have in the nation. Hell, this is an INTERNATIONAL ranking!
16: UCLA – this is eerie. I almost look like I know what I’m doing.
15: Oklahoma – damnit! Just when I was getting somewhere towards an appearance of knowing what I’m talking about… the hat does this!
14: TCU – man… I am so glad that the Christian Horny Toads are still able to make an appearance in the 20+1. Catholic Schoolgirls have got nothing on Christian Horny Toads.
13: Penn State – Errr… am I looking like I know what I’m doing again? Wait… give me a few more picks to stuff it up…
12: Florida – C’mon… Orange, white & blue? Did a preschooler design that?
11: Arkansas – Another team that could probably use this poll to declare themselves better than they really are.
10: Wisconsin – Badgers… uh-huh… need I say more?
9: California – Jeff Tedford. I don’t know much, but I know that this guy’s a good coach.
8: Nebraska – Ok… I have nothing to say.
7: Ohio State – Be happy. Higher here than you should be, Michigan got dumped on.
6: Louisville – A lil’ nuts. Most of my selections are at least in the right half.
McConaughey loves Texas… I ranked ‘em #1 - payday?5: Virginia Tech – Another team that is flattered by me having no idea.
4: West Virginia – I cannot believe this…
3: USC – How many polls do you think have USC outside the top 2?
2: Georgia Tech – Phew. A degree of normalcy. This is the kind of off-the-wall selection I expected. GO YELLOW JACKETS (is that one word or two?)
1: Texas – Ummm… could Matthew McConaughey pay me now?

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One response

10 09 2007
Aaron Becker

As a Hawk fan, ain’t nothing better than seeing the Wolvy-renes break down like this with an 0-2 home start.

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