Blogsifting: Bustin’ Out!

13 09 2007

Rio Natsume - bustin’ out

A veritable sports-feast is upon us now: the Rugby World Cup is on, NFL season’s just started… and the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup’s about to start! So with sports bustin’ out everywhere, let’s have a look at what’s out there in blogfrica (c’mon folks… STILL looking for a better term than ‘blogfrica’!):

  1. Most excellent blog, Deuce of Davenport thrills & chills us with the very weird Bad Andy!
  2. JP at Pyle of List takes us through an Interview with Tuberville
  3. DMtShooter at Epic Carnival (DMtS also writes at Five Tool Tool) hits us with a dissertion on Taunting in Football.
  4. Sons of Sam Malone – a look at Stephon Marbury’s growing weirdness
  5. South Africa’s RuggaWorld explores the Wallabies’ Beefing up for Wales (sounds like a Japanese restaurant a lil’, but rest assured, it’s a look at the Rugby World Cup!)…
  6. Kingpin blog, Deadspin checks out the growing mess that is the Beckham saga.
  7. Lastly, new blogger Steve discusses the chaos surrounding the LA Lakers in Change Looming in LA at Inside Basketball.

Enjoy your week, and your sports.




2 responses

13 09 2007

All praise goes to the mighty Don…thanks for the shout-out, yo’

13 09 2007

Still checking out the delectable Deuce almost daily… 😉

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