Hard hits at the Rugby World Cup

13 09 2007

Thus far there have been several key citings that have incurred the wrath of the Judiciary at the Rugby World Cup 07. Here are two of the main ones that have youtube clips…

Phil Vickery was suspended for 2 matches following a trip on the US’s Paul Emerick.

Clearly threw the leg out there, so there was intent – but Emerick undoubtedly played it up.

Schalk Burger got 4 games for this very high tackle in the air:

Today that penalty was reduced to 2 games – Burger got off very, very lightly.

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4 responses

14 09 2007
Mark Logsdon

I reckon Emerick’s 5 weeks (which actually only amounts to 3 games) was about right, so I have no great propblem with reducing Burger to 2 games. He’ll miss a crucial game against ENG, so his biggest worry should be with his teammates and management. He’s a well-known loose cannon, and no ref the rest of the way is going to cut him any slack, much less any JO if he looses his senses again, so he ha dbetter sort minself out or his lack of discipline could cost the Saffers dearly.

15 09 2007
Aaron Becker

I really didn’t see what the big deal was with the high tackle. But then again, I’m watching it through American football eyes.

15 09 2007

Hitting a guy in the air is a ‘no-no’… especially when you’re hitting him in the head (another no-no). Gotta also remember: no helmets or pads. Head-shots tend to hurt.

15 09 2007
Aaron Becker

I’ve seen high tackles in rugby/league, and I know it’s no-no. It just didn’t look like anything major. Maybe that’s why the suspension was reduced from 4 to 2?

And helmets an pads have nothing to do with it, as the car wreck Everett went through shows ;(


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