Blogsifting special: other stuff on Rugby (RWC)

14 09 2007

Japanese girls dig rugby…

Read a story from Extra P at The Extrapolater that I really, really liked (well… he mentioned me TWICE!). So I thought “hey, I know a few good rugby blogs out there”… so sharing.

  1. Extra P from The Extrapolater shares his growing fondness for rugby in The USA Plays International Rugby?
  2. Blondie at Saturday’s a Rugby Day explores her Thoughts on USA vs Tonga a day after the US Eagles’ loss to Tonga.
  3. Your Scrumhalf Connection Loves the Rugby World Cup.
  4. Alan from Alan’s Rugby Blog mourns that That did not go as planned
  5. Scrumbag sees the IRB as backing down on the Schalk suspension.
  6. A review of the most recent games at ruggerblogger
  7. And of course, Dave from Dave’s Football Blog shares how us Australians make the media in the US, at Fanhouse. Oh wait… it’s League. Nevermind… 🙂



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21 04 2008

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22 08 2008

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28 08 2008

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