More NH woes as Springboks trample England (Rugby World Cup Updates)

15 09 2007

South Africa 36 – England 0

Yes. You read that right. Zero. Big fat goose egg.

SA SpringboksIn what was an impressive display by the Springboks, South Africa left English Roses wilting & trampled underfoot in Paris. This wasn’t a mere beating, this was a beatdown. England did not score. In a World Cup game. Savor the significance of that. Not a try scored, not a penalty converted. And this, from the nation that currently holds the title of ‘World Cup Champions’!
Truly amazing stuff.

The only shining light in this debacle for England was Jason Robinson, and even that performance is balanced by a hamstring injury sustained in the 57th minute. With Robinson limping towards the bench, there was no-one left who even remotely looked like challenging the on-field supremacy that the ‘Boks were asserting.

EnglandThis would have to leave England quite demoralized. There had been excuses thrown around willy-nilly by the English prior to the World Cup in regards to their poor performance over the last year or so. ‘Not peaking too early’… ‘will come good when it matters’… amongst other apologist theories. Even the poor showing against the USA was written off as ‘it’s early days yet’…
Well, not so.
Crunch-time is now, and England have failed to deliver. Miserably.

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6 responses

15 09 2007

A sad, humbling day for England. But what about those Springboks? Awesome. And worrying too, if you’re an All Black supporter (like me).

15 09 2007

Hey ruggerblogger… visited your blog quite a few times now…

I guess I didn’t really sing the praises of the ‘Boks as much as I should’ve… but they were indeed awesome. Still… if all goes well today, then you’ll be worrying about the Wallabies first! 😉

16 09 2007

The Boks certainly carried out a ruthless attack on England. And the England supporters, I think, have already given up. That’s the mood I gathered while watching in an English pub, as the only SA supporter, in London on Friday evening.

17 09 2007

Ive been talking up the Boks since last season and everyone has laughed at me… whos laughing now… AB v Bok final here we come!!!!!!

18 09 2007
Viv King

Looks like the Boks stand a good chance after all. Yippeee!

18 09 2007

Tolja Viv… the ‘Boks are a VERY good chance!

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