Kicking Balls: Grand Final to be Cats vs Port!

24 09 2007

Kicking BallsSo the Grand Final’s decided post the weekend’s matches… two very different games with the Cats just getting (clawing?) home against the Pies, and the Roos getting drummed out of a game again.

Geelong 13.14.92
Collingwood 13.9.87
And what a game this was. The lead changed hands so many times, I sat & watched the game with a Collingwood supporter, so my ears are still ringing! Ye gods, but the Pies certainly have been entertaining this finals series, and they can hold their heads high as they exit stage left. They matched well with the Cats, chasing hard, defending well. Alan Didak was in particular very good, as was Travis Cloke.

But the fairy tale was not to be, and the biggest deficiency for the Pies was within the ruck. Ottens was just far too much of everything to be beaten. Whilst there were other Cats that were worthy of mention – in particular the Ablett boys – Brad Ottens was everywhere. Nearly every center bounce, throw in or bounce was his, and on the rare occasions he didn’t take it, his second efforts helped the Cats regain the ball. He stood tall, and in the end the Cats got home.

Port Adelaide 20.13.133
Kangaroos 5.16.46
Utter capitulation. Not much else really needs to be said… awful game from almost start to finish… from midway through the first quarter the rot set in, and the team formerly known as North Melbourne stunk. Glenn Archer can hold his head high, but no-one else from the Shinboners deserves to be in the same room as him. The Kangaroos making the finals was a fantastic effort – they punched above their weight all year – but the way with which they submitted in the two games they lost, one wonders whether more damage than good has been done. To lose by 106 points, then two weeks later go down by 87… it beggars belief. They certainly have been the diametric opposite of Collingwood this finals series.
Port were fantastic. And as far as ‘who-played-well’ I could name the team, but Trop Chaplin stood out for me.

So… next the Grand Final. Port versus the Cats. Should be a good one.

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25 09 2007

I’m hoping for a decade of interstate teams winning.

You have to love the newspapers hype at this time of year (again) – “get behind the Victorian team’, ‘Don’t let those interstaters steal the cup’, ‘Keep the cup in Victoria’.

Okay they do it to sell papers, but it’s getting very tiring…

25 09 2007

Only one thing to say to that Cal…


25 09 2007

Hmmm, first Hawks, then Pies and now Cats – I’m seeing a pattern here πŸ™‚

25 09 2007

If you mean supporting against the ‘interstate’ teams, then yes. πŸ˜‰

25 09 2007

There is nothing wrong with hating the interstate teams if you’re a Victorian. I can remember watching the 1991 GF with Mr. Eyebrows himself and cheering for the Hawks and Beetle Dunstall just because they were playing the Weegles. Even as a Carlton supporter it was the right thing to do! Once upon a time we had the suburban grounds, the good old days when you could be spat on at Victoria Park, Windy Hill, Moorabin, The Western Oval, Glenferrie, Arden Street and the Junction Oval. For a bit of cosmopolitan variety you’d go down to Sleepy Hollow and be spat on a Kardinia Park. Now there are fewer Victorian teams, no more suburban grounds and a bunch of interstaters who used to sign form 4s with Carlton so we could win flags! So who do we hate now? Well, we still hate Collngwood (it’s only natural) but the rest of our vitriol and anger goes west and north of the border of God’s own country. Now, Donny could claim allegiance to the Power due to Horsham’s (the town of excitement) proximity to the border, but he’s a smart boy and knows the right thing to do. So in the interest of all that is good about Victorian footy – go the Pussies, give those foreigners a belting!

25 09 2007

Parochialism is alive and well, believe me! πŸ˜‰

I remember that Grand Final quite well indeed Rob – at the Green-house!
A very good time… only GF to be played at Waverly, and we beat the Weevils by 53.
Aaaaah… good times!

25 09 2007

It was a good day indeed. One of the few times I have ever cheered for the brown and yellows. If memory serves me correctly, we probably drank too much, said and/or did something inappropriate and got in trouble. Happy days…..

27 09 2007

Ah ’91 – what a shellacking that was. I think that really woke the Eagles up to the fact they couldn’t just have WA or ex-WA boys in the team and they seriously started recruiting interstate players.

You could almost call it a watershed year for the team. It certainly helped them in ’92 and ’94.

And yes I’m an Eagles supporter. Ex-WA now living in Melbourne. Made for some interesting times in the early to mid ’90’s when you would get spat on in the street for wearing team colours. Fortunately most people have come around these days. Apart from Joffa…


27 09 2007

Yes Cal, the Weevils certainly came back… ummm… ‘bulked up’ in ’92. Hell, even Peter Matera went from being a stringy winger to a veritable HULK. One wonders, huh? πŸ˜›

28 09 2007

A Sydney Swans member wishes both teams the best of luck in tomorrows granny.

IMO, in the 4th quarter Port will ‘DAZZLE’ the Cats with superior speed and endurance to win by a couple of goals.

Go Power !

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