Blogsifting: having a devil of a time

25 09 2007

Devil of a time…Damnit.

Been having a tough time deciding WHICH posts to put in blogsifting today! SOOOO many good things out there!

Oh well… on with it I guess!

  1. Raincoaster & I go back. A bit. Damn me if there aren’t daily gems on the ol’ Raincoaster. Fish – This is a nuts story, that is one HUGE cattie.
  2. I missed the memo, but apparently Sooze from Babes Love Baseball also now writes at Sons of Sam Malone! Enjoy.
  3. The Original JD just has a way with words. Don’t believe me? Read this over at Six Pack Sports Report!
  4. Melissa over at the afore-mentioned Babes Love Baseball waves bye-bye to RFK.
  5. Happy Birthday to Blondie over at Saturday’s a Rugby Day!
  6. Michael Vick, apparently the Commonwealth of Surry County isn’t quite done with you. DCScrap (head-honcho over at both Epic & Our Book of Scrap) updates us.
  7. From what would have to rank as one of the best blog-names out there – Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Blog? – Lozo on sports… posted by… umm… Lozo.

Lastly… small addition: a more serious piece I did on the way Japanese English-school conglomerate Nova is shafting customers & employees – over at Anja Merret.  They really, truly suck.

That’s it for now… enjoy your week.




3 responses

26 09 2007

Thanks, I shall forward to you all of my record-breaking fish stories. I particularly recommend the one called “If it smells like a fish…eat it”.

30 12 2010

You know, years later this is still on the front page of Google Images for searches for “raincoaster.” Everyone thinks that’s me.

17 01 2011

Hahahaha… could be worse pictures that people think is “you”.

You should drop by my “real blog” some time!

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