Remember the Rainbow Warrior!!!

5 10 2007

Rugby World Cup – Quarter-finals
What a weekend we’ve got in store – a day of good matches – with impact to be had from prior years, and a day where the results pretty much a foregone conclusion.

Saturday Oct 6th
Australia vs England (Marseille, France)
First of the ‘revenge’ matches. Australia will be looking to get a lil’ payback after Jonny’s boot stole the 2003 RWC from them. Huge differences this year tho’ – with the English pack not being what it oDrew Mitchell starts on the bench…nce was, and the defense having as much strength as wet paper.
Yes, England have played themselves into a lil’ bit of form… but they have struggled against both Tonga & Samoa, and even the USA gave them a run for their money. Against South Africa they copped the greatest hiding a top tier nation has ever received, failing to score at all.
Australia have at times looked very good, but have also been guilty of being a little lackadaisical at really getting the job done. However, a large amount of that blame can be the lack of quality opposition to this point. Sterling Mortlock & co. must be licking their chops at the prospect of the tissue-paper defense that will be laid before them.
Only thing that can equalize this match is rain, and lots of it. If it’s dry, God Save the Queen… because her rugby team won’t be able to.
Australia to win, wet – 12 points… dry 20.

New Zealand vs France (Cardiff, Wales)
Really depends on who turns up: the taciturn & oft-brilliant French, or the team that will throw up the white flag at the first sign of difficulty. The All Blacks will come to play. And nothing the French do will stop ‘em. Bloody french!Clear in the minds of the Kiwis will be the defeat of 1999, where the French stole the game from a dominant AB team… add to that the absolute farce that’s growing over jersey colour. The French changed their jersey colour to a navy blue so dark it clashes with the traditional black of the All Blacks – for that very reason. As a result, the ABs head into a game for the second time this tournament not in black. I think they’ll be more than a lil’ pissed at this.
And don’t forget the Rainbow Warrior!
All Blacks (Silvers?) by 30.

Sunday October 7th
South Africa vs Fiji (Marseille, France)
I think that the Fijians will give the ‘Boks more problems than the Welsh would have, but then I didn’t rate the Welsh that highly anyway. The Fijians play a game based on risk-taking, and whilst that will provide the occasional nightmare for the South African unit, it won’t be enough to stop a very methodical victory by the ‘Boks. They’ve come to play, and they mean business.
‘Boks by 25.

Argentina vs Scotland (Saint-Denis, France)
Scotland have the kicking of Chris Paterson, but really, not a helluva lot else. Los Pumas have been one of the best performed teams leading up to this game, being a defensive juggernaut. I really doubt as to whether the Scots will cross the line – they’ll score off the boot of Paterson, but not much else.
Argentina to win to the tune of 20 points.

So that will lead us to an all Southern Hemisphere semi-final grouping… and won’t that be sweet!

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6 responses

5 10 2007

Stirlo and Gits to beat England 20 – 17. By the time we add the score of the rest of the team it’s 41 – 17.
Jaapies to belt Fiji five ways from Sunday, 56 – 10.
Argentina 36 – 15 over Scotland.
It’s probably too much to hope for that Millenium Stadium gets hit by lightning during the match, so will have to go for the ABs (ASses?) 45 – 6.

Bring it on!

5 10 2007

As usual a pretty spot-on assessment of the teams. I doubt there will be any surprises.

9 10 2007

I would hate anyone to dig up some of my posts from the past…. HOWEVER!

I think in retrospect these two comments/predictions are now classics.

No offence but way off the mark


9 10 2007

I couldn’t have gotten too much further off the page if i tried! Predicting results, much like refereeing, is a dangerous occupation!

9 10 2007


9 10 2007

Sure you’ve got some good ideas to offer Laurent, but have the good grace to do so in English. Not making that comment out of any xenophobia or the like, just I can’t have any idea as to the suitability of your commentary.
So please, help me out. English (or Japanese, if you’d prefer. That I can struggle through with).

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