Blogsifting: All Tied Up

11 10 2007

All Tied UpLooking good, all dressed up – and here’s where we’re goin’…

Lots of good stuff up in Blogfrica (c’mon folks… throw me a bone here – a better term, please???)…

  1. Dave’s Football Blog explores the Chris Judd trade in Australia’s AFL. Huge news for AFL fans…
  2. Beckham? Who??? Digital Headbutt looks at LA Galaxy’s success without David Beckham. Never liked Becks much myself…
  3. reviews the Dallas vs Buffalo game. Awesome stuff, pity it happens whilst I’m at work.
  4. I Want to be a Sports Agent‘s Darren lists the Nightmare Clients from September 30th to October 7th.
  5. Vinny Testaverde? He’s still around??? Apparently, yesRumors and Rants looks at the Panthers’ signing of Vinny.
  6. Scott Boras thinks A-Rod’s worth $500 million! YeeeOWSERS!!! Over at Awful Announcing.
  7. Not a sports blog, but if you’re at all interested photography, head over to Nick Benwell’s Japanese Light. Here’s a pic called Time to leave



4 responses

25 10 2007

I see the value of pictures.

25 10 2007

Not exactly what I was talking about, but you get my drift (I was speaking about ‘sports’)…

7 02 2008

that girl with the tie makes me want 2 leave the country…”!!!!

30 03 2008

gimme those titties

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