Does Jerry think he’s Marlon?

12 10 2007

Look out for a horse’s head Kobe…Is Jerry Buss stupid?

One would have to say ‘no’. He’s an astute businessman who’s amassed a fortune, and owns perhaps the most storied franchise in the NBA. So… is he senile? Suffering from alzheimer’s?

There has to be some explanation for the statements made to reporters from the Lakers training camp in Hawaii. To come out and state that you’re still open to offers on the emotionally fragile Kobe Bryant just prior to the pre-season beginning is insane. Any trade that was “within reason.”? Jerry, whatcha doing???

Given the tumultuous 6 months or so Los Angeles has enjoyed with Black Mamba #8 #24, you’d have to hazard a guess that at the best of times the front office would be walking on egg shells. So what’s Buss do? Break out the hobnail boots.

Yes, fully aware that provisos were added… that Buss stated that “It’s very hard to trade somebody like him”… and “You have to get comparable value when you make a trade…”. But that’s true for every single player in the league. Sure, there are players that are considered untouchable, but make the right offer – overbid – and any franchise will sell their most valued possession in a heartbeat. But the vast majority of owners/GMs leave it unsaid – “Make us an offer we can’t refuse”…

Speaking of Godfather quotes, when Jerry said “You can’t keep too many loyalties. You’ve got to look at it as a business…”, did anyone else hear this?

Talk about over the top.

So now we sit and wait for Kobe’s response… and whilst it might not happen tomorrow, or the next day, or the next week, or even the next month – I can guarantee he won’t forget. And it won’t be pretty.

I’m betting a letter’s in the mail to me, as we speak. 😉

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11 responses

12 10 2007
Aaron Becker

I did see an ESPIN highlight (this evening) on the Lakers loss too GS, and JB looked like a bitter man with a case of alzthiemers court side.

I’m thinkin’, the only way we – Laker fans – can get “equal value” is…dump Kobe for 1-2 legit playuhs, but……..

Time it it out, towards midseason, where maybe we can also get a top lottery pick for next year. That’s the ONLY way.

Thoughts, Malice?

12 10 2007


Don’t even want to think about it… but I guess it’s inevitable. Buss has stuffed this up. Best player in the league, and he won’t put quality around him.
There is no getting ‘equal value’…

13 10 2007

Just when the Lakers (more like Kobe and Derek Fisher) were patching this whole thing up quite fine from the summer, Buss tells reporters this crap to light the fire again.

I still bet the talk won’t be that bad by November 1st.

13 10 2007
Aaron Becker

Agreed, the Lakers can’t get equal value. Hopefully, when the shoe drops, they get as close to the scenario I layed out.

14 10 2007

The timing of his comments is the thing I question.
Why now?At training camp?

16 10 2007

I think it’s sadly evident what’s going on. Jerry already has all the championships he could want (8 since the 80’s). Now he’s just going to sit around and cash in. I have a theory that someone switched him and Donald Sterling around 2004, ha, and we just haven’t noticed.

19 10 2007
Aaron Becker

The timing is no real conspiracy on Buss’ part. Apparently he gives ONE interview during this time of the pre season, and that’s it.

I was right when he let go of Shaq – he should have kept Shaq and dealt Kobe. Now Shaq is one up On Kobe & co.

19 10 2007

You’re kidding me Aaron! Kept Shaq? Guy hasn’t played more than 60 games a season since they dealt him! And they’d be paying him more now than they do Kobe… ugh…
No, I think they dealt Shaq at the right time. There isn’t a player in the league that could’ve done better than Kobe with the players they surrounded him with. And it’s not like they haven’t spent the money, they’ve just spent it unwisely.

21 10 2007
Aaron Becker

My reasoning (at the time) was it be easier to surround Shaq with talent to win again, than keeping a younger Kobe and trying the same. So far, Shaq is 1 up on Kobe in the ring dept. I read a good article yesterday, and in the middle of it, the guy pointed out that Kobe has destroyed, or nearly destroyed, every personal/professional relationship he’s ever had.;_ylt=AjNeFHEOeAsrKdwfQkjWtIS8vLYF?slug=aw-lakers101707&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

21 10 2007

Before reading… I guessed the author.
As you know Aaron from reading the Y7 site, we (most users there on the Basketball forums) don’t highly of Adrian Wojnarowski.

21 10 2007
Aaron Becker

I’ll trust yuh on the author, as his name doesn’t strike any memory with me.

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