Without class

18 10 2007

Naito hammers Kameda When 18 year old Daiki Kameda was offered a chance to take on Daisuke Naito for the WBC flyweight belt, I thought that this would be a boxing match to be remembered. The Kameda family has a reputation in Japan for being right into boxing – Daiki is one of 3 brothers who all rank highly here, his older brother Koki at one stage holding WBA light flyweight belt. And from all I’d read, Daiki was the goods. So surely a match against Daisuke Naito, a classy veteran boxer who had held the title a mere 3 months.

The first time I experienced trepidation over the bout was when I saw Kameda post match singing ‘Only Love’. Err… huh? What sort of classless trash was this? This is boxing?

My apprehension only grew when Kameda declared that he’d commit ‘seppuku‘ (ritual suicide) if he lost. He also called Naito a cockroach and continually insulted the older fighter. He died his hair a gold colour, and wore matching gold gloves.

So… the fight.
What a joke. Kameda obviously did not come to box, hitting Naito constantly with low blows – the fight should’ve been stopped with Kameda being disqualified before the 6th round even commenced, but by the time we got to the 12th round, Kameda was being humiliated. During one point when the referee docked Kameda a point for illegal blows, Daiki showed what a spoilt brat he was, throwing a tantrum.

Out-boxed at every turn, he pulled out the wrestling moves on Naito, throwing him to the mat… yet the ref let it go to a decision – a unanimous one, then detracted further points from Kameda.
Post this, the Japan Boxing Commission has suspended Daiki Kameda for 1 year, given his father Shiro an indefinite suspension (Shiro also serves as Daiki’s coach), and also have summoned the two to appear before the Commission… there have been hints that the family’s boxing licence may be revoked.

Well… it was a match to be remembered, but not in the way I’d hoped.
Post fight, Naito declared “I beat one of the Kamedas so I’m sure Japan will thank me for it…”
Japan will also thank the Boxing Commission if Kameda never boxes again.

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One response

19 10 2007
Aaron Becker

He should have been suspended 1 year because of his age in the 1st place.

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