Blogsifting: Rocks ‘n’ Socks

24 10 2007

Glorious JapanSo, the MLB Fall Classic is nearly on us, and I thought I’d run a blogsifting dedicated to the World Series! Sounds like a good idea, huh? So…

  1. First of all, The Sultan on Sports, and his predictions on the outcome!
  2. Pretty sure Extra P at The Extrapolater will be rooting for the Rockies.
  3. Epic Carnival writers discuss who’ll win in House of Mirrors: Who Will Win The World Series?
  4. Gibber vs Pods – that’s the title of an interesting piece that explores the Podsednik miracle over at Home Run Derby.
  5. The guys over at The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes think that Destiny is About To Get Swept
  6. The fantabulous Sarah Schorno writes at The Naughty American now (girl is everywhere!!!)… and she discusses the Red Sox’s … ummm… ‘nuts’.
  7. Signal to Noise has an Ill-Advised Prediction For The World Series

That’s all for now, but hopefully that helps you get your Fall Classic reading covered…




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