NBA – thoughts with malice

30 10 2007

During the last NBA season (well… end of it) I was just finding my feet. Now I’ve found them (still somewhat wobbly), but from time to time I’ll post on the NBA and give my thoughts on situations. Feel free to disagree.

  • As is probably obvious, I’m finding the situation with Kobe & the Lakers more than a bit of an irritation. Either trade the guy, and let’s move on, or shut Jerry up. Doctor Buss is making it very, very difficult to just get about playing. Sad thing is, with it going the way it’s going, either way – the season’s still going to be a write off. I’m just watching it now with the same morbid fascination as someone watching an impending train wreck.
  • Gogo soft-rockWhat’s with Boston? Just like the 70s soft-rock band of the same name, they have a nice look… but at the end of the day it’s just not Led Zeppelin. Sure, the Celtics are going to be better than last year… but that’s no stretch. Beyond the Big 3 of Garnett, Pierce & Allen, not a helluva lot to offer… and the big three? Let’s explore:
    – KG… Well, KG’s KG. But those knees aren’t going to hold out forever. But I do see this season as not being the year they break down. KG’ll be big.
    – Paul Pierce… sorry Celtic-fans, but Pierce is 30 years old – and he’s not a young 30. He battled foot-injuries last season, and whilst I hope that he can come back big-time… I don’t think we’re going to see the slashing Paulie of old. Not that he’ll need to be for the Celtics to enjoy some success.
    – Ray Allen… another I haven’t bought into just yet. A 32 year old guy who reaped a great pay-day, but is he worth it? Ankle problems have to be a non-issue for him to prove that once again, ‘He Got Game’.
    Don’t get me wrong… a good team indeed, especially in the East. But there could be perhaps 2 teams in the East that will perform to a higher standard (Chicago & Detroit), and there are 3 maybe 4 teams in the West that are still better – San Antonio, Phoenix, Dallas… and maybe Houston (should Yao stay healthy). BostonBoston’s relying on a second year point-man and a roster with no depth beyond it’s starters. And they’ve hocked the franchise to arrive at this point.
    Maybe I’m wrong… and they’ll be world beaters. But at the moment, I don’t think so.
    Boston, your 3 year window has begun.

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6 responses

30 10 2007

I think Danny Ainge did the right thing in acquiring 2 legitimate stars to go along with Paul Pierce. The challenge for Ainge (beyond making sure that he doesn’t get fired) is to find a supporting cast that will enable the Celtics to remain competitive throughout the season.
Not sure if PP can return to his best, but with KG and Ray Allen in town he isn’t going to have to be at his best every night and the scoring load can be shared among the big 3. What they need is PG who can distribute the ball and a C along the lines of Luc Longley – keep the opposing C to a minimum output, rebound and stay out of the way on offense and let the stars do what the stars do. Don’t knock it, he has 3 championship rings to show for it! The bench needs to allow 2/3 of the big 3 to be on the floor at any one time.
Put all of those pieces together and the Celtics go to the conference finals, maybe all the way to the big show. Unfortunately, the big guns in the west all have too much firepower to take it out.

30 10 2007

Kendrick Perkins may be just that… a big body to clog the lane. My main concern is the PG position… and the bench.

30 10 2007

what bench????

30 10 2007
Aaron Becker

Boston, huh? Long live & RIP Brad Delp – one of the greatest voices in Rock.

31 10 2007

I think bostons bench is very underrated and very solid.

Compare this

Horry, Jacque Vaughn, Finley, Beno Udrih, Udoka, Brent Barry and Elson
Posey, Eddie House, Tony allen, Scalabrine, Powe, Big Baby and Pollard

They have a GREAT starting lineup and their bench is solid. Veteran roleplayers that are proven and all they have to do is play their roles and do thier jobs. Which they can do, just complement the big 3 and do their jobs. Boston should be a GREAT team, its basically an elite western team dropped out east in the titanic division. They are stacked, and although the east is MUCH improved and will be good this year, the Celtics just outmatch the east. As long as their healthy they will dominate the east and be in the finals (and might win it). I hate boston but that is the truth, only an injury or their players not getting along will change that (and that is grasping for straws, if Duncan gets injured the spurs would be dead too. Even if parker or ginobili got hurt there would be no ring for them, period.)….. I hate boston but Im not gonna lie to myself, they’d be among the elite in the west, if you say theyre not gonna be a powerhouse in the east you are either lying to yourself or you know nothing about basketball. I’ve been a diehard fan for 2 and a half decades, and I would bet anything that the Celtics unfortunately are gonna be a very great and special team over the next 3 or 4 years. 1 good thing out of it: It is very good for the league, the better they are and longer they last in the postseason the better it is for the league. Im happy for KG, Ray Allen and even Paul Pierce

31 10 2007

Ummm… Steve? Read again. I did say they’d be right up there in the East, and yup, they have a 3 year window. And yes, if Manu or T-Parker get injured, that’d affect the Spurs (not as much as one of the big three going down in Boston tho’… despite what you say).
Two of the big 3 have had very serious injury issues over the last 12 months, and all three are 30 or older… forgive me if I think they might be a lil’ fragile.

And depth? Errr… there is absolutely NO comparing the bench of the Spurs to that of the Celtics. Not even sure why you brought ’em up as it severely argues against the supposed solidity of the C’s pine-crew. Scalabrine??? Big-baby??? SCOTT POLLARD???
Ignoring the fact that they will be lead by a 2nd year point guard, and have a 5th guy who wouldn’t start on most rosters… yeah, I think the Celtics will be good.
A very special team?
Sorry, I just don’t see it.

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