Blogsifting: Something to cheer about

1 11 2007

Finals soon…Really cooling down here in Japan, and the NBA season’s just started.

So today I’m gonna explore what’s being said by some of my favourite blogs, NBA-wise.

  1. DmtShooter over at Five Tool Tool writes a mean sentence.  Read about his thoughts on the newly served NBA season in his NBA Predictions.
  2. One of the ‘must read’ NBA blogs out there is HoopsAddictKinnon Yee talks about one of my favourite East teams – The Raptors – Surprise Me.
  3. Clutch 3 gives us A Few Things to Get Excited About.
  4. Our Book of Scrap liked the way Golden State started… well… the bit before the game, that is!
  5. Well… my favourite player on my favourite team may well end up at the Chicago Bulls… so only fitting that Matt from Blog a Bull gives us his post-opening-game thoughts
  6. Esquire, via Deadspin, give us their take on the Knicks
  7. Weird, but without a doubt the most prolifically blogged NBA team in blogfrica is the Boston Celtics.  So, here’s Loy’s Place with an interesting look at the Big 3 in green.



One response

6 11 2007

I am very excited with this new look Celtic team, I think they definitely could win it all this year, Rajon Rondo will be the determining factor on how they do this season. I personally always leave it to Vegas to determine the real probabilities of something occurring, right now the odds have the Celtics at 10/1 to win it NBA Lines so I guess that means a title might be in the stars for Boston’s basketball fans

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