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2 11 2007

Quite a bit to talk about today in a wrap-up of the past few days’ sports happenings…

  • Firstly, Japan. The Chunichi Dragons, based in Nagoya, wrapped up the Nippon Series of the Nippon Pro Baseball league in the Nagoya Dome last night, defeating the Nippon Ham Fighters 1-0. Watched the game with my father-in-law, and it was an awesome pitching duel. Ochia Banzai!The Fighters had the Sawamura Award winner (Japan’s version of the Cy Young – but only given to ONE player in the entire league) Yu Darvish pitching, and he pitched a lights-out game, only allowing 5 hits for 1 run with 11 strike outs over 7 innings… problem was, Daisuke Yamai and Hitoki Iwase combined together to be even better – not allowing a single hit over the entire game. Yamai pitched a perfect 8 innings, and Iwase closed out the 9th. Thing is, it’s surprising that Yamai even started the game, as the Dragon’s ace Kenshin Kawamura was ready to go. Manager Hiromitsu Ochiai has done this a few times this season – made moves that catch the opposition off-guard – and more often than not he’s come up golden. This move was a gem, and whilst I would’ve liked Yamai to get the opportunity to pitch a perfect game, I can understand that in a 1-0 game with the Japan Series on the line – you go to the money guy. And Iwase’s been money all year.
    Still, it’s the first time the Dragons have won since 1954, and the first time in the history of the Japan Series that a perfect game – even combined – has been pitched.
    Watch for Yu Darvish tho’ – guy has a fantastic ‘fork ball’ (sinker), and I’m betting he’ll pitch in the majors one day.
  • Kobe’s going no-where… for now, with Bulls GM John Paxson declaring it a non-deal with Chicago. Paxson’s always been conservative, and it doesn’t surprise me that he’s unwilling to pull the trigger on this. Not sure that he should either… they’ve got a pretty good thing going – a young team with no real stars… there’s a lot of a ‘Detroit Pistons’ feel to this group. It’s getting interesting tho’ – Luol Deng turning down a $5 million extension, and kobe21.jpgBen Gordon not even close to signing anything… interesting to read some Bulls fans are disappointed that Kobe’s not headed to Chicago.
    Glad to see that the 3 way trade that was floating out of rumourville – Chicago getting Kobe, Ben Wallace & Ron Artest ending at the Lakers, and Sacramento getting Ben Gordon & PJ Brown. Holy gods, that would’ve been an absolutely CRAPTASTIC deal for the Lakers!
    I really don’t get a feeling that a trade is imminent now, but who knows. It’s a difficult situation, but I’m praying that Kobe just takes it for what it is, and plays without imploding the franchise.
  • Joe Torre heads to the Dodgers, signing a 3 year $13 million deal… glad to see him somewhere, guy’s all class.

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2 11 2007
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