Blogsifting: Something’s cooking

8 11 2007

What’s cooking, Yoko Kumada?Time for another bout of sifting through Blogfrica. Cannot believe that I haven’t had ONE suggestion over the interwebby of a better term yet, but oh well… shoganai.

Some awesome stuff out there as always – and here’s what I think you should be checking out!…

  1. Sooze at Babes Love Baseball deplores the impending implementation of Instant Replay in MLB…
  2. Obvious now after the absolute demolishing of Denver that Boston Has Game… and then some.…
  3. Ed Ziti voices his opinion on what’s becoming a popular topic: the Phoenix Suns window is closing
  4. Lonely at the top for Don Shula… read this over at Sons of Sam Malone!
  5. Fantasy players? Check out the ‘All Bust Team‘ over at The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes
  6. I wrote this over at Epic CarnivalBulls fans, you team is horribull.
  7. Exploring sports writing over at Rumors and Rants in Buster Olney is Insane.



3 responses

8 11 2007

Talk to me when the Celtics beat a team that doesn’t suck.

8 11 2007

that could be a while….
NJ Nov 10 and 14? 2 wins for mine
Miami Nov 16 and 30? Too much fire power
Cleveland Nov 27? King James can have 40 and the Big 3 will still do enough
Detroit on Dec 19 is probably the acid test. We’ll see just where the Celtics fit with the elite of the East and if they are ready to take it to the next level.
At this stage though DA’s Hail Mary pass is paying off….

8 11 2007


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