NBA yawping with malice

11 11 2007

Time to admit it. The big green machine is looking like it’s for real…

  • Paul Pierce gets it doneThe Celtics? Egads! I have one long-time bud’ who I’m pretty sure’ll be quite ecstatic over their current performances… huh Rob?
    Been a long time since Boston’s opened a season 5-0, and they are oh-so-looking the GOODS at the moment. And the glory is being shared around. The dismantling of the Nets gave Paul Pierce and Ray Allen a chance to shine. Not that Garnett wasn’t good – 18 points and 14 rebounds is a nice day in the office for most players… But Pierce’s 28 and Allen’s 27 lead the C’s to the 5th straight – and now they are the NBA’s sole undefeated team.
    The last time we had this much hype over a super-team was when Karl Malone & Gary Payton went on their LA trip… and we all know how that ended.
    To be fair, even tho’ you won’t see me proclaiming that Boston are going to do what all Boston teams seem to be doing, I don’t think we’re going to see an implosion of the likes we saw in LA.
  • Yao-Yi was a huge success… in China. Just another game in the US. However, in China it was telecast on 19 channels, 2 web-sites, and expected to reach a potential 200 million viewers. That would make it the most watched NBA game – ever. Yao’s Rockets held sway in the first battle of the giants of Chinese basketball (both figuratively, and literally), but Yi – and Milwaukee – continues to impress, only surprising when you figure his pre-season performances.
  • Raptor swarm…The Bulls… ugh. The win against Detroit seems to have been the hiccup in form, and Chicago’s finest reverted against Toronto, getting beaten thrashed whalloped to the tune of 101-71. 30 points? This from the team anointed as the the ‘Next-Big-Thing’? Ech… the thing that’s gotta be killing the team most are the “Kobe!” chants at the end as they play out those junk minutes at the end, down by a few dozen…
    Originally, when the Bulls pulled the plug on that deal, the thought process had to be “we’ll revisit in December/January when the Lakers are really desperate. January’s still more than a few games away, but the Lakers being more desperate than Chicago is looking more & more remote, huh?
  • And what’s with Dallas? Losing to Portland?
    Just post the draft, that wouldn’t have seemed such an unlikely scenario, but now as Greg Oden sits out the season, that would have gotten long odds. But happen it did. ROY Roy certainly burnt the Mavs, going for 32 and 7 assists…

Funny ol’ season, huh?

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One response

12 11 2007

a very happy start to the season! It’s only 5 games, but the Big 3 seem to be doing a good job of rotating the strike (to steal a line from Richie Benaud). Each one of them has had a quiet night while the other 2 have come up big. On the flip side, they haven’t really been tested yet so let’s keep the big talk under wraps for a lttle while longer.

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