Blogsifting: Them there’s fightin’ words

15 11 2007

Yoko Kumada - FlooredReally heaps ‘n’ heaps of sports stuff going on in the 3 major US sports at the moment…

NBA season’s really starting to kick in, NFL’s heading to the important part of the season, and MLB’s free agency is underway. College sports abound, Cricket’s being played & I’m ready to burst!

Some links I have found interesting over the past few days:

  1. Tebow’s the real deal. Over at 3 Point Conversion.
  2. One of my long-time favourite sites AA tells us of the Breaking News on Mike Golic’s steroid use. Awful Announcing.
  3. Deuce of Davenport. Starbury’s a nut-case. Certifiable.
  4. DeadspinHerschel Walker vs Steve Spurrier? I’d watch that…
  5. The Gold Gloves are officially a joke… thus spake Doberman On The Diamond.
  6. Turning Japanese I really think so… The Red Sox are gonna open in Tokyo! Babes Love Baseball… thanks Sooze
  7. How ’bout da Bulls? Blog a Bull explores the idea surrounding starting Nocioni

That’s all for now – enjoy that reading!




One response

15 12 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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