Sports thoughts with malice

15 11 2007

Ok – sports. Let’s talk.

  • Pain in the assThe Knicks continue to do what they are best at – imploding. It almost seems like just when you thought that they’d hit the lowest they can go – with the sexual misconduct trial of Isiah – then they do this.
    God they’re great.
    Who here isn’t hoping that yes, Isiah & Starbury have yet another falling out, and Steph actually makes good on his threat to ‘tell all’ on Isiah? If you wrote a script like this, people wouldn’t believe it…
    I for one just cannot look away…
  • What was the over/under on either Yao or Kobe Lite T-Mac going down inside 10 games? Would’ve had to been short odds. I’m betting that if Rick Adelman had to make a choice on who gets injured of those two, he’s glad it wasn’t the Ming dynasty.
  • Did anyone read Adrian Wojnarowski’s column on Portland today? Ummm… HELLO ADRIAN – they’re only .500!
  • The Lakers… hell, they are surprising me. They’re playing pretty good – GASP – team-oriented basketball, and Kobe’s the assists leader! Go figure… and the destination of choice – the Bulls – continue to amaze and defy the laws of the universe, managing to both suck & blow at the same time. How long before Kobe recants?
  • More drama with A-Rod to follow – is Scott Boras to be the casualty in A-Rod heading back to the Yanks with cap in hand for a paltry $275 mil over 10 years? Nothing signed as yet, but all the signals are pointing that way…
    What a schmuck. Boras has only ever done what A-Rod has wanted, and now that it looks like Alex may not get the money he wants, he heads back to New York… maybe Scott Boras getting dumped in the process. Not that I’m a fan of Boras… just that I don’t think that A-Rod’s been a model of propriety either.
  • There’s a real growing movement that thinks that Kansas deserves a shot at the BCS. I’m not a huge college football fan – I like watching it but I share no particular affiliation – but who have they played? To this point, no-one. Surely strength of schedule has to be taken into account? NEWSFLASH!!! It is folks, and I remain doubtful as to whether Kansas make the top 2 in the nation.
  • Say, can you smoke Dolphins?  They certainly appear to be getting smoked weekly…Ricky Williams is back, declaring himself a new man, putting the green into his past.
    Well… I’ll believe that when he can go a season or two without getting busted again, but he’s not a malicious guy, nor is he a problem in the locker room per se… and given I’m a Dolphin fan – my team SUCKS royally.
    The only back of note is injured, so… give ol’ Rickster a shot.
    What’s the worse that could happen?
    They continue to suck?
  • The thing about a lot of the kids guys in the NBA now is that 20 years ago, they’d still be in college. So, that “lurning kerv” is occurring within the NBA… which means that teams with a predominance of young players are going to go through periods of major difficulty… hopefully to bloom later. The Atlanta Hawks appear to be going through just that, and I hope that they turn the corner and actually become a legitimate franchise again. Wait… again? Were they ever?
    Just kidding… kinda.

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7 responses

16 11 2007

Hate to do it, but have to agree with you on the Knicks, A-Rod and the Fish. In fact, I agree with you on the other stuff too, I just don’t care much about any of them.
Right now the Fish need anything at all to get them going. If bringing back Ricky does any good at all it will be better than what is happening now. To be honest, if D. Landrigan offered to play at QB this weekend they should consider it because they are just plain awful.
On a very positive note, my boys in green continue to look awfully good…..

16 11 2007

Yes… they do. You’re very smart.
[grumble, grumble, grumble]

16 11 2007

I am aren’t I???

It would be nice to see a bit more consistency from my beloved Seahawks as well.

Speaking of consistency, could do with a few more NHL stories and in particular my even more beloved Ottawa Senators…..

16 11 2007

Despite having several Canadian friends here in Japan, I really have very little interest in NHL. I’ll watch it, and do declare an uncertain allegiance to the Wings, but meh… we did have an NHL writer once… but he’s gone AWOL.
Position’s open Mr Brumby…

16 11 2007

I might just take you up on the offer….. a weekly round up perhaps?

16 11 2007

Sounds like a plan…

17 11 2007
Aaron Becker

That self inflicted plague the Knicks are enjoying needs a name ;~)

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