On Fukudome

21 11 2007

Chicago Sports Weekly, November 21Whilst I’m not going to suggest that it’s not every blogger’s aspiration to be published in print media, I certainly have been keen about getting something ‘out there’.

Well, today the good folk at Chicago Sports Weekly saw fit to do just that: publish an article I’ve written. A piece on Kosuke Fukudome, a baseball player from my city of residence that just might end up in Chicago.

He’ll make a useful addition to whichever franchise, be it in US or Japan, picks him up. Have a read, let me know what you think!

Here’s a link: Fukudome. Remember That One.

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8 responses

21 11 2007

Thanks for the heads up on Ballhype. Keep up the good work!

– Chris

21 11 2007

way to go, big guy.

Our little boy is all grown up and making it big! His mother and I are so proud……….

21 11 2007
Grant Kerwin

well done! glad you cleared the name up. Fukudome would be pronounced so much different here.

21 11 2007

Funny thing is Grant, I didn’t even spot it. Not so long ago, when I wasn’t so ‘Japan-ified’, I woulda been all over that!

I guess it’s a case of The Vapors…

Hoping someone got that reference…

21 11 2007

“Our little boy is all grown up and making it big! His mother and I are so proud……….”

Thanks dad… 😛

21 11 2007

Congrats Don! This is terrific news – and I don’t just mean the article!

22 11 2007
Aaron Becker

Good one! (The only stuff I ever got printed were letters to the Sydney Telegraph editor, that were edited way too much 😉

22 11 2007

Congrats Don – the next Rupert Murdoch… or Eddie Maguire 🙂

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