Olympic Dreaming – Calling For Input!

29 11 2007

1992 Dream TeamHey all…

I’m going to write an opinion piece on ‘Who would win between the current US Olympic Basketball Team and the 1992 Dream Team’. Calling for input from readers – bloggers, or anyone who wants to have their opinion counted (*cough, cough* Rob? *cough, cough*)! Send your thoughts to me in an email (my email address is near the top of the right-hand column), along with a link (if you have a site that should be linked!).




2 responses

1 12 2007

The 1992 Dream Team is probably considered one of the best All-Star compilations in the history of basketball. I’m sure James Naismith would have been impressed by their overwhelming athleticism, talent, and pure skills on the hardwood. Thus, they are definitely better than the current Olympic Team of flashy athletes.

If you need more opinion/analysis, just comment on my blog at http://allballssports.blogspot.com

2 12 2007
Neil Joshi

I would have to agree with Marc, the 1992 Dream Team is not only one of the greatest teams in the history of basketball, it’s the premier team in the history of sports. No collection of athletes has been as legendary as this group was. While I like the direction where the current USA Basketball Team is going, they just don’t compare to the one, the only Dream Team.

MJ in his prime, Magic, Larry, Barkley, Stockton, Malone just to name a few. They would run all over this year’s team.

By the way, thanks for adding my link to your blogroll.

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