Blogsifting: a time for perspective

30 11 2007

ClassWell, only 2 weeks to go before I begin my Christmas holidays… happy to say that I’m getting back to Australia to visit friends & family.  That will mean that I’ll be sporadic in my posting, but we have quite a few guest writers that will be offering a host of yuletide treats…

Anyway, some blogsifting.  Lots of good stuff out there, as always.  Outrage, humor, perspective…

  1. Colin Cowherd’s a jackass.  He is living proof that the mainstream media get it wrong, and on a regular basis.  I rarely listen to his show, and each time I do, I remember why I don’t.  I’m not surprised about his thoughts on Sean Taylor – that doesn’t mean I’m not disgusted either.  Dan Steinberg rips Colin Blowhard Cowherd at D.C. Sports Blog.
  2. I’m not going to speak on Sean Taylor, or my disgust for the way this tragedy has been handled by much of the mainstream media.  There’s enough out there to fill volumes, and Sarah Schorno sums up my feelings on the entire issue far better than I ever could.  Over at The Naughty American.
  3. Rupert at The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes tries to provide a salve for the troubled souls of those in the sporting world in Becoming A Better You.
  4. Note to Lebron: This Is Not How To Make Your Case For MVP – by Brett Edwards at AOL Fanhouse
  5. More NBA – Does Your Team Share?  Have a look at these interesting statistics over at
  6. Phenomenal personal account of a shared time with USC Football guru, Pete Carroll – My Lunch With Pete, over at Pyle of List.
  7. Dads… finishing with this one to all of you.  As a father myself, sometimes life needs a lil’ perspective.  Making The Dance (an excellent college basketball blog) lends us some in a lil’ anecdote: Putting First Things First.



One response

1 12 2007
Aaron Becker

How long is a Japan to Oz flight? As of now, it looks like they may have the right people arrested for Taylor’s murder. Here’s hoping.

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