Top Sports Stories in Japan…

30 11 2007

Smokin’ Hiroko SatoA lil’ warmer today, and bring on the weekend!

Today’s top sports stories in Japan are:

  • Reds lose shocker to Ehime FC (Emperor’s Cup Soccer)… [Daily Yomiuri]  David & Goliath… yet again.  Common sports theme, huh?
  • Greisinger & Cabrera to walk (NPB)… [Daily YomiuriTop NPB players to walk out on Yakult & Seibu, respectively.
  • 21 foreign-born wrestlers fill sumo ranks… [Daily YomiuriAlmost a global sport… 😉
  • Katayama rolling, and Ishikawa tied for 3rd in the GTO finale (golf)… [Daily YomiuriShy Prince Ishikawa not far off the pace.  Auntie-fans & golf enthusiasts alike would love a Ryo Ishikawa win!
  • JFA commits to Okada (Japanese National Soccer)… [Mainichi ShimbunJapan have their coach (even if I’m not sure it’s the right guy)… when are Australia going to get their act together?  Word is they are looking to FIFA to punish Advocaat on his reneging…
  • Park shoots a 65 to take the lead (ladies golf)… [Japan TimesJane Park takes a two shot lead in the U.S. LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament



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