Top Sports Stories in Japan…

1 12 2007

More gorgeous Aizawa HitomiWow… December.

Weekend roadtrip comin’ up… should be a bit of fun.

Anyway, today’s sports headlines in Japan are:

  • Beijing qualifying – Baseball’s big guns come out to play… [Daily Yomiuri] One spot available, can Japan get it?
  • JRFU ecstatic over Rugby World Cup staying at 20 teams… [Daily Yomiuri] There was talk of reducing the field to 16 teams, and Japan would be on the cusp of not qualifying. Such a move would have been a huge mistake…
  • Former All Black Reuben Thorne at Jubilo (Rugby)… [Daily Yomiuri] Despite ‘advancing age’, Thorne will have immediate impact at Yamaha…
  • Kuroda wants MLB… [Daily Yomiuri] Another pitcher wants to head stateside…
  • Asashoryu back, cap in hand (sumo)… [Mainichi Shimbun] Sumo’s #1 is back, apology at the ready. Sumo needs Asa



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