Parker’s Parking Problems, & Other Bits With Malice

4 12 2007

Dwight Howard - man, or monster?Hell… always some interesting stuff to go on about in sports, right? Now’s no different… ‘Hot Stove’ is firing up the baseball, NFL season’s drawing to a close, BCS is revealed yet again for all it’s shortcomings, and the NBA’s getting well underway. Cricket is upon us, and no matter where you look, somewhere, someone’s doing something in sport.

  • Johan Santana… is he that good? I guess the thing that bothers me is that first a team has to give up some damn good prospects to get him, and THEN pay out a record contract… if you’re the Red Sox that also means that when Josh Beckett’s contract comes up for renewal, you’re up for a similar amount there.
    And don’t make me laugh on this making the Yanks’ pitching unbeatable. The Yankees have to get Santana to bring their pitching up to anywhere near Boston’s. Pettitte is good, but Wang as a 2nd starter?
    And if Boston get Santana, good night guys – a rotation of Santana/Beckett/ Matsusaka/Schilling – hell, my mate Rob could start as 5th starter & they’d look the goods in any series.
    Getting all fiery there too – the internet media are loaded with conflicting stories stating that he’s going to the Yanks, and that NY are about to pull out of any deal.
  • The Chicago Bulls lose again. This time in a close one to Dallas… normally, a loss to Dallas is no big deal, even at home. But normally the Bulls aren’t digging a hole for themselves redolent of the Grand Canyon. Even if 4 wins with 11 losses isn’t the worst stat-line in the NBA, it’s a major cause for concern. At least Minnesota can legitimately claim to be in a rebuilding phase. These Bulls were meant to be contending for the top of the Eastern Conference.
  • It would be unfair to condemn Chicago and leave the Miami Heat unscathed. Whilst they haven’t quite copped the beat-downs with such frequency that the Bulls have … errr… ‘enjoyed’, there have been some nasty losses there. A 21 point beating from Orlando is particularly alarming as Orlando are one of the teams at the top of the pyramid in the East.
    Speaking of ‘alarming’, does Schmuck Smush Parker’s stinginess know no bounds? Word is he got into an… ahem… ‘altercation’ with a female parking valet over a $12 ticket. She’s claiming he assaulted her, and intends to pursue this in a civil suit as well. What a gem of a guy.
  • Dwight Howard continues to be a monster. Tight game against the Golden State Warriors, and Howard comes up big with 18 points and 23 rebounds! Bogans scored a lazy 22 (off 9-12 shooting), and Jameer Nelson added another 22 with 11 assists… but sheesh… 23 rebounds? Oh yeah, Magic won in OT, 123-117.
  • Yeee-OWZERS… The New England Patriots don’t seem so invulnerable at the moment, but they do keep getting the job done, just falling in 27-24 against the Baltimore Ravens. That’s 2 games running that they’ve won by 3 points a piece… Pittsburgh head into Foxborough next week, and the Pats will have to be on their game.
    Post that, they’ve got the Jets, Dolphins & Giants to go, with only the Giants a remote chance of beating them.
    The ’72 ‘Phins will be praying that history holds true, and the Pats falter.

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3 responses

4 12 2007

Hell yeah I could be the 5th starter for the Bo Sox! Be a pretty good rotation too!

4 12 2007

Yup… they’d probably only lose one game in five!

4 12 2007

true – Schilling is getting a little old and would be dropping a few decisions

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