Top Sports Stories in Japan…

4 12 2007

Aaah… a reminder of sunnier times!The primary Japanese sports sort of take a lil’ bit of a break during winter… but lots of stuff happening in the background, and the lead-up to the Olympics too…

Today in Japanese Sports media:

  • Japan qualify for Beijing (Olympic Baseball)… [Mainichi ShimbunI would expect the earth to stop revolving on it’s axis before Japan doesn’t qualify out of Asia for anything baseball…
  • Kaz Matsui an Astro… [Mainichi Shimbun16.5 million reasons to head to Houston… bit of a nice twist for a guy who was struggling to find a franchise to take him on not so long ago…
  • It’s official: Okada managing Japan (soccer)… [Daily YomiuriMistake, methinks… bit of a backward step
  • Asashoryu offers apologies (sumo)… [Japan TimesCopping a lot of flak, Asa apologises.  Now copping a lot of flak due to his apology not being overly sincere. 



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