Olympic Dreaming – ’92 Dream Team vs ’08 Olympic Squad… part 1

7 12 2007

Key ‘08 players…Not so far from today, the 2008 US Olympic Basketball Team will attempt to restore Olympic glory to American hoops… and it’s definitely an undertaking that everyone concerned has taken with a great deal of sincerity and application.
Are they good? Undoubtedly.
Can they win the gold? I think so…
But, how good are they? How do they measure up against the yardstick of all basketball, the 1992 US Olympic Men’s Basketball Team: The Dream Team…

The Rosters
’92 Olympic Team – Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, Clyde Drexler, Patrick Ewing, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Jr., Michael Jordan, Christian Laettner, Karl Malone, Chris Mullin, Scottie Pippen, David Robinson, John Stockton
’08 Olympic Team – Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Kobe Bryant, Tyson Chandler, Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Jason Kidd, Mike Miller, Tayshaun Prince, Michael Redd, Amare Stoudemire, Deron Williams

I asked some noteables around the traps what they thought of the match-up, what would the outcome be.
I certainly enjoyed reading their responses, I hope you do to.
First part of a 2 part series (Today: representation from CelticsBlog.com, Pyle of List, ESPN TrueHoop, Clips Nation, The Sports Hernia, MVN Lakers Library. Don’t miss part 2 with input from TWolves Blog, MVN Born and Raised, Signal To Noise, Storming the Floor, Forum Blue and Gold, The Sports Lounge, All Ball Sports Blog, and from lil’ ol’ me)…

Jeff – CelticsBlog.com
I don’t even think this is close. The Dream Team wins in a landslide.

Scottie & MJ - 92It starts at the top with Jordan. He’s simply got more insane, monomaniac on a mission type of drive that none of the current stars have. Kobe thinks he has it, but he’ll always just be an imposter.

I could tick down the roster one by one pointing out the one-to-one advantages (who guards Barkley and Malone?) but to me it all comes down to the intangibles. The current team USA has come a long way in terms of adding guys that are a better fit together than previous teams, but you can’t manufacture the stuff that Jordan, Bird, and Magic brought to that team (even if Bird and Magic were past their prime). LeBron and Melo are nice, but they just don’t have the experience factor.

I just don’t think there will ever be a team close to that Dream Team.

JP – Pyle of List
So the obvious answer is the Dream Team. Not only was it the finest collection of basketball talent, it was certainly the largest collection of reputations ever assembled. My only concern is that we never saw that team tested. They never had to play as a team against a formidable opponent so I think we’d mythicized the team since it occured during our younger, more impressionable years. They won games by the sheer force of personality of the superstars. What would they do if they faced a young team of NBA superstars hungry to stake their reputations against their idols and put historical arguments to bed?

Summerball - Bryant v JamesThe 2008 Olympic Squad is a difficult team to analyze as well. Who’s on the team? Who’s actually playing? For the sake of argument, let’s pretend we get the 12 best American NBA players.

Here’s the roster I would roll with: Garnett, Kobe, Howard, Lebron and Jason Kidd to start as the best run and gun lineup. Amare, Deron Williams, T-Mac, Ray Allen, Chris Paul, Rasheed Wallace and Dwayne Wade. Unless I could finagle a way for Duncan to join the team.

I think they match up very well on paper with the Dream Team and could outrun them in an uptempo game.

In the end, Jordan’s hubris leaving Isiah off the team will cost them the game as Stockton and Magic can’t carry enough of the scoring or defensive load at the PG spot. Laettner and Mullin leave them thinner on the bench and their age shows down the stretch.

112-109 2008 Olympic Squad.

Henry Abbott – ESPN TrueHoop
They had this player called Michael Jordan that I have always kind of had my eye on.
But it would be close.

Steve Perrin – Clips Nation
I love ‘Who would win’. Who would win, Batman or Superman? (Superman, duh.) Who would win, Ginger or Mary Ann? (Mary Ann is giving away a lot in reach, but I think she uses her farm girl savvy to kick prissy Ginger’s ass. BTW, I’d pay to watch.) Who would win, Alien or Predator? (See, this is where Hollywood starts stealing my ideas. Not even my good ideas.)

So when Don from With Malice asked me to opine on the question of Who Would Win? Team USA 08 or the 92 Barcelona Team, the original Dream Team, of course I wanted to play along. It didn’t hurt that Team USA is something of a side obsession of mine, and that I’ve been pretty critical of the current team. Guess which team I’m taking?

There’s really no comparison in my mind. This one is as easy as Predator versus Terminator. (If human Arnold can defeat Predator, then it is painfully obvious that Terminator Arnold can defeat Predator. Double duh.)

Ignoring Christian Laettner, who clearly doesn’t count, 6 of the 11 Dream Team members won at least one NBA MVP during their career. Those six won 15 MVPs total, in a span of 16 seasons (only Hakeem Olajuwon, who was not yet a US citizen in 1992, broke the string; he joined the fun in 1996). Sure, the current roster will eventually win some MVP’s, but the 1992 team had won 9 straight prior to the Barcelona Olympics.

More important probably than MVP’s is NBA Championships. The Dream Team featured the best player from 10 of the previous 13 NBA Champions. Compare that to 2007’s 3 rings for Kobe, the SECOND best player on his Lakers teams (making him the equivalent of Scottie Pippen) and one each for Billups and Prince. Again, this will change with time, but only five members of the Vegas incarnation of Team USA (Bryant, Billups, Prince, Jason Kidd and LeBron) have made it to the NBA Finals. On the other hand, five of them have never made it out of the first round, including one of the supposed cogs (Carmelo). Compare that to 4 champions at the time, two more eventual champion (David Robinson and Clyde Drexler), and 11 for 11 (not counting Laettner) players who made it to the NBA Finals in their careers (though in Mullin’s case it was as a role player for the Pacers).

You’re dreamin’ ‘08…This team was so loaded with champions that Jordan, Bird and Magic could afford to freeze out Isiah Thomas, the only other NBA player in his prime who had actually won a title.

So, in a nutshell, I’m going with the Dream Team, because that team was comprised entirely of WINNERS, which is far from certain in the case of the current Team USA. Jordan, Bird, Magic… these were the definitive basketball players of the last half century. You want defense? Scottie Pippen. You want shooting? Chris Mullin (not to mention Bird and Jordan.) You want imposing post play? Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, David Robinson and Patrick Ewing. You want pass first point play? Magic Johnson and John Stockton. And here’s the main thing: all of these players, massive mega-stars in their own right, were fully capable of playing a supporting role on a great team. You simply can’t say the same thing about the current Team USA.

Moreover, while Isiah Thomas and Dominique Wilkins are the only players you could possibly call omissions in 1992, the current team is missing many of the best American players. Four MVP’s are not on this team (Garnett, Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson and Shaquille O’Neal), not to mention Tracy McGrady.

For those who say that the Dream Team was too old at the time of Barcelona (and certainly Magic and Bird were past their primes), I say that the current team is too young. Does anyone remember why USA Basketball created the Dream Team in the first place? Anyone? It’s because college seniors, who made up the US National Teams prior to 1992, were getting their ASSES handed to them by Yugoslavia and Russia. Yet guys like LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, Deron Williams and Chris Paul are barely older than college seniors. Sure, they’re great players – but so was Danny Manning. There is clearly something to be said for experience and maturity, especially in this setting. Consider this – neither Barkley NOR Stockton made the 1984 Olympic team when they were college seniors, losing roster spots to the likes of Leon Wood and Jon Koncak.

From a basketball standpoint, it seems strange to be even having this conversation 15 months after the debacle that was the World Championships in Japan. How did we go from ‘national embarrassment’ to ‘best team ever’ by changing a couple of roster spots? It doesn’t make sense. I long ago said that Jason Kidd was a key to the hopes of USA Basketball, and anyone who thinks that Kobe Bryant was the crucial addition for the 2008 team is flat wrong – it was Kidd (and to a lesser extent Billups and Williams) who provided the necessary point guard play to succeed in international competition.

But I strongly disagree with the direction that Colangelo, Krzyzewski and D’Antoni have taken this team. By going small and shooting a lot of threes, they have built a team that is fully capable of blowing the opposition off the court most nights – and then losing to a lesser opponent when the shots aren’t falling. During the Tournament of the America’s in Vegas, they played Carmelo Anthony (a perimeter player and poor rebounder) at the power forward – when Carmelo rested it was Mike Miller at the four. Dwight Howard and Amare Stoudemire split time at the center. A similar approach spelled disaster against Greece in 2006, when Sofoklis Schortsianitis was rolling to the basket with Kirk Hinrich between him and Charles Barkleythe rim. Compare that to a team starting Patrick Ewing and Karl Malone, and bringing David Robinson and Charles Barkley off the bench. The style Team USA is currently employing worked perfectly against the lesser competition in Vegas – they ran up huge margins of victory and now everyone thinks they’re great. And for what it’s worth, I believe the team is better than any team they’ll meet in Beijing, and would probably win a seven game series in 5 or maybe 6. But in the medal round, in single elimination, it only takes one game. And I’m not talking about a ‘prefect storm’ of factors. If they run into a quality team, that handles their defensive pressure with solid guard play, on a night when the threes aren’t falling for Team USA… they will lose in Beijing.

There’s a final aspect to this topic that bears discussion. Look at the geo-political situation in the 1992 Olympics. It happened to be the first major competition after the break up of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. The silver medalist in Barcelona? Croatia, less players like Vlade Divac and Zeljko Rebraca who were Serbian. Third and fourth went to Lithuania and the Confederation of Independent States (remember that intermediary after the Baltic nations had left the Soviet Union but before the rest of its dissolution?). A couple years before, those two teams would have combined their talent. The point is, the competition was a shambles just when the USA fielded the best team ever.

You could point to this and say that the Dream Team’s margins of victory were inflated; that they weren’t really that good. But the simple fact is, they were that good. We never even got to see how good they could be.

The BirdmanThe Sports Hernia Staff – The Sports Hernia
It would be similar to the characters from Rampage taking on the characters from Bad Dudes. The 1992 Dream Team would win in a tutorial-like pillaging. Bird, Magic and Jordan could play three-on-five and still beat our current team. About as big of a mismatch as when a 275-pound Charles Barkley elbowed the skinniest member of the Angolan team.

Ed Ziti – MVN Lakers Library
I think what made the original dream team special were their ability to dominate individually, while still playing within a team concept.

The had great size down low, Robinson, Ewing, exceptional point guard play, Magic, Stockton, great outside shooting Bird, Mullen and the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan, and lets not forget Charles Barkley, Scottie Pippin and Karl Malone. Also, the age of the players was perfect as the veteran championship influence was clearly on the team. Today’s Olympic team is filled with much younger players that are still trying to prove themselves; the Dream Team was comprised of men. Other then the token Christian Laettner, all of the players had tons of experience on the 92 squad.
The 92 squad had more defined roles and much better outside shooting. All of the players had excellent all around basketball skills that would transcend any era. Go ahead and match them up if you want, but to me there is no comparison. The 92 squad would win by 15 or more.

The reason is, they were just plain better basketball players. I would give the overall athleticism to this current group, but the 92 squad could shoot, pass, rebound, and defend better then the current group of Olympians.

That’s it for this analysis for now, but early next week we’ll have some more…

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29 responses

7 12 2007

must have missed the email asking for my input on this one……

7 12 2007

What… you’re eyes failing you in your dotage?
Olympic Dreaming – Calling For Input!


7 12 2007
David Friedman

Interesting question, but some contributors obviously took the assignment more seriously than others (Michael Jordan was on the first Dream Team? Really? I never knew that, so saying that he might make the difference in a close game is really some deep analysis).

I agree that the ’92 team has been a bit mythologized. Laettner was a spare part, Stockton played briefly in just four games due to a fracture in his leg and Bird was at the end of his career and could barely play in some games due to back spasms. Jordan was obviously the best player but people forget that the player who actually performed the best was Barkley (team-highs of 18 ppg and .711 field goal percentage). Jordan (team-high 37 steals) and Pippen (second on the team with 23 steals) were absolute terrors on the defensive end and they took special delight in abusing Toni Kukoc, who they viewed as Jerry Krause’s pet. I’ll bet a lot of people would be surprised to hear that Pip led the team in assists (47 in eight games), Jordan was second (38) and Magic was only third (33 in six games). It is true that the ’92 team was never seriously tested by a team as good as the ’08 team but I doubt that MJ, Pip, Barkley, Magic and the others would somehow shrink from that challenge.

The individual matchups would be amazing to watch: isn’t a Jordan-Kobe showdown with both players in their prime something we all want to see, whatever our opinions are about Kobe? Pip on LeBron or Melo would also be tremendous, as would Magic on Kidd. I think that those perimeter matchups would end up being pretty even overall but that where the ’92 team would win the game would be in the paint, with Barkley, Ewing, Robinson and Karl Malone getting the better of Amare, Howard and Tyson Chandler (who actually probably would not get any playing time because he usually only got on the court in Vegas when Team USA was up 20 and that would never happen in this game). Some analysts think that the 08 team will have problems in the Olympics with the best FIBA big men and, while I don’t think that will cost Team USA because Kobe and Kidd are on a mission, that is the area that would prove decisive in this hypothetical matchup. Dream Team ’92 wins, 108-100 and Barkley (28 points, 15 rebounds) is the MVP.

7 12 2007

“I asked some noteables around the traps what they thought of the match-up, what would the outcome be”
who is more notable than me?

7 12 2007

“…or anyone who wants to have their opinion counted (*cough, cough* Rob? *cough, cough*)!

How much more attention do you need? 😛
Rob… if you want your bit in part two, email it to my site email!

Great post David, wish it’d been part of the original!

7 12 2007
Joey Rosario

I don’t think there will ever be another dream team like the one in Barcelona. That team is a team of Legends and HOFers (apart of Laettner of course). That Olympic is very special and the Dream Team was a BIG PART of it.

8 12 2007
Celtics 24/7 » Blog Archive » Today’s Links 12/7

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8 12 2007

Not one player on the current team could take their counterpart on the original DT. The DT had passion, commitment and, to quote my old buddy Kevin Costner, love of the game. They don’t make ’em like that anymore. Remember when Sir Charles elbowed an Angolan player just cos? Then signed an autograph for him after the game? That was the aura and the determination to win and play their best that all of the DTeamers brought to the 92 Olympics.
Sure Magic and Larry Legend were beyond their prime, but what a pair of guys to play off the bench; Sir Charles, the Mailman, the Admiral and JR Ewing would own the paint against the current crop, in fact, Sir Charles would probably add several victimes to his rap sheet; Scottie would take Kobe out faster than something that is really fast ona really fast day; and let’s not forget the best player to lace ’em up playing in his prime in ’92 – one word, unstoppable. MJ could take the court with Sir Charles to intimidate all and sundry, Scottie to play defence and Don and I could play C and PG and there would still be 20 points in at the end. Hell, Christian Laettnecouldn’t mess them up and he made a career out of it!
92 DTeamers by a bunch…..

8 12 2007
Is Pyle Retarded?

“112-109 2008 Olympic Squad.”

What an absolute moron this guy is. Stick to interviews ya little jerk.

8 12 2007

To be fair to Pyle, he’s not comparing the actual 2008 team with that score. He changed the roster of his 2008 team in a fairly significant way (replacing Tyson Chandler with Garnett? Come on!). Of course, even then. he’s still wrong. The 1992 Dream Team is the best basketball team ever assembled, anywhere – even with Christian Laettner wasting a roster spot.

Yes, they are mythologized. No, they weren’t really tested. It doesn’t matter. They are still the best team ever put together. I don’t usually say this about opinions – let alone opinions of fictional vs matchups – but if you disagree, you are completely and totally wrong.

8 12 2007

Pyle is also wrong if he thinks that the true Dream Team would be outgunned at the 1,2 and 3 spots. If you move Johnson and Stockton to backup roles you then could have have Pippen, Glyde and Jordan at those spots. This would also bring in more of defensive edge as well.

And if he gets to swap around players, I’m swapping a 92 Laettner for a 92 Shaq.

8 12 2007

Dream Team ’92 would win this game…I think a much more interesting discussion could take place in 2012 if most of the young guys in the Team USA program keep playing international ball. Who knows how good LeBron, Carmelo and Wade will be by then? There’s also the possibility Greg Oden turns into a dominant big man by then.

8 12 2007

Classy response IPR…
I’m betting you have a big poster of Christian Laettner… on your ceiling. 😛

Bottom line – guy’s entitled to his opinion, and as suggested… I think that it’d be far closer than has been suggested.
The ’92 guys are far, far glossier in our memories than in reality. The team wasn’t really a team, it was a collection of individuals. Training? Hah!
The opposition? No quality whatsoever.
And if you want more of my opinion, come back early next week… 😉

8 12 2007

To me, the biggest difference is that every member of the ’92 team knew how to play the game, how to think the game and how to win. That is a huge advantage when compared to the 08 squad. As someone previously noted, the only consistent winner on the 08 squad is Kobe, who had the luxury of being a defensive specialist for the 08 team. Against the real Dream Team though, I don’t think so. Kidd is the biggest factor for the 08 team, if you smother him, you beat the 08ers easy. Guess what Scottie does for fun? As others have noted, Melo is a power forward for the 08ers. I really don’t think I need to go any further, do I? Kidd was a big factor because he makes smart unselfish plays and the team followed suit. Well, the entire 92 team makes smart unselfish plays as a matter of course. Basically, this is a major mismatch in practically every way.

9 12 2007

“To me, the biggest difference is that every member of the ‘92 team knew how to play the game, how to think the game and how to win.”

Exactly, not only was the talent level of the ’92 team obscene, the level of mental toughness can’t be compared to, as well as their basketball IQ. Players today would be shocked at how those guys played the game, and shocked when they saw the score in the end, because it wouldn’t be close.

And it’s great how Pyle just picked his own roster for today’s current team, that’s kind of dumb. Some of the guys he’s chosen have chosen not to be a part of the current team, which speaks volumes about the idiots in today’s game. Again, just another reason why today’s team wouldn’t make a game of it, because it’s all about them, all the time.

10 12 2007

Nobody else saw what I saw? Kidd really wasn’t that great on the court this last tournament. He might have had an impact off the court, but he seemed slow and pointless on the court with Lebron there. I saw Lebron create a ton of opportunities and Melo capitalize on those opportunities, but not Kidd. Also, I’ll give Kobe credit for his standout defense, but he seemed to be the only guy taking bad shots consistently. Eduardo Batista was a beast against these guys down low and he’s not even in the leauge any more. Not to sound like a Lebron homer, but outside of him, nobody on this team even comes close to matching up with the 92 dream teamers. And for everybody that thinks those guys have been mythicized, go watch some barkley highlights on youtube. Barkley, coming off the bench, was completely dominant and would eat the current best scorer, carmelo, figuratively and literally AND have time to elbow Garnett for being soft.
Finally, for everybody hating on Laettner, he did drop 44 points in handing one of only ten losses to that incredible 72 win bulls team. Obviously nowhere near the same level as the other guys, but even as a throw-in guy, he would probably have been better than most of our current bench.

10 12 2007
Olympic Dreaming - ‘92 Dream Team vs ‘08 Olympic Squad… part 2 « With Malice…

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31 12 2007

I would like to say something without insulting anybody, but i can’t, people in this site are retarded, how do you say that nobody can compare to the 92 team? Not only can they compare, but we could get a team that’s even a little better. Well we would need a lot of the players who didn’t play last summer, but we could do it. If you get Garnet, you get Duncan, get Wade, T-mac, Richard Jefferson, Baron Davis take out Tyson Chandler, Billups, Prince, Mike Miller and Michael Red, you would have something to compare this team to the 92. First you star with Jason, Kobe, Lebron, Garnet, and Howard, and then get Davis, Wade, T-mac, Carmelo, and Duncan, and leave some minutes for Stoudamire and maybe somebody like Richard Jefferson who’s been playing great this year, or maybe go with a great point guard, like Chris Paul, incase the other 2 aren’t moving the ball well which i doubt, but you defenetly have something here, and still, there’s a lot of players who i haven’t mention like Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, Kevin Martin, Carlos Bozzer, Stephen Jackson and if you wan’t to leave somebody from last summer, leave Miller or Red, but not bove, and you could also get Iverson, who’s mitty good, and if you’re going to get a deffensive center, without any offense get Camby instead of Chandler. But my main 2, to complete the 12 would be Amaure and Chris Paul. That way you would only get 2 players that do not play defense but have the offense to match the others. And if you don’t like that idea get Bozzer and Williams who do have the defense and offense to match the others.

31 12 2007

And if you like to get a rookie like the 92 team did, get Durant, but please remember how that worked out. Coach K, I don’t know if you read this, I really doubt it, but please consider my suggestions, I really want to win this year thank you!!!!!!!!

31 12 2007

Of course, the fact that you run with the pseudonym ‘PIMP DANNY’ is comment enough… but it’s worrying that you choose to comment on something like this, yet aren’t even able to spell the names of the players you mention correctly… wait a sec…

Working now on the premise that you’re young, and never had the opportunity to watch the Dream Team or it’s players play – and given that, forgive my earlier derision. If so, it’s an interesting perspective you provide. It would be truly interesting to hear from someone who predates the Dream Team…

1 01 2008

Alright with MALICE, you’re so meannnnnn, uhhhhjuju. Magic Johnson was better than Jason Kid I’ll give you that, but after him you can only point out Karl Malone. I say this because MJ i’m not quite sure that he’s that much better than Kobe, LEBRON is better than Bird, Garnett is better than Charles, and Howard you can’t say much about him, but he can grow up to be better David Robinson. Then u get Baron Davis, who is much better defender than Stockton, and if you don’t like him you can get Chris Paul, who gives better passes and and scores more points, Wade so much better than Clyde, T-mac more offense than Scottie, althought Scottie had got more defense and if you don’t like T-mac we still have Carmelo, Karl Malone better than Stoudamire, but still he can grow up to be just like him, Duncan better than Ewing, and then you have Chris Mullin which i can give 10 players that are so much better than him that i still haven’t mention, and who else was on the 92 team, OHH yeahh, Christian Laettner, who I suppose I aint got to compare with anybody. And please if you’re trying to make a point, please don’t mention the records of anyone, you know the league is not the same, and then you’re going to say that Jordan did this and then i’ll say well Kobe did that.

1 01 2008

I ain’t talking about the records man, I ain’t talking about what they bring new to the game, cause if you want a basketball revolution u can’t talk about this guys, i don’t think this guys are doing anything that we haven’t seen before, but they are really good man, and most of them will get to be in the Hall of Fame. The only thing that I really think, is that you get everybody healthy at the age of 28, put them against each other and these guys would definitely have a chance. These game is about is about match ups homie, and don’t tell me that my judgement is so wrong, cause i did watch them play and i know these guys got something these is why i’m talking, i aint no punk kid i’m 32 years old and i’ve seen basketball man. So please if you’re to make me feel bad just think about, what i was trying to do, not what i was saying. Is because of people like you that basketball is not the sport that people want to watch now a days. If you don’t understand what i’m talking about, just start watching games man and you’ll see, we got all those players that we had in the 92 team, and some are even better.

1 01 2008

I really think you need to read what I wrote

1 01 2008

HEY MAN, I’M REALLY SORRY, I didn’t know it was you, i thought it was a stupid punk kid trying to sound smart. I’m really sorry, but hey you got to give me the thoughts of the comparsing im making of the team that i think that should be the 12, or maybe tell what would be your 12. You see i’m just a big fan I enter the page didn’t pay much attention to what you originally wrote but to all the coments that they were making. You see all I wanted was to see if somebody agrees with me in the things i’m saying. And I see that you do watch todays basketball, so im really sorry. Althoguht I just want to say, I really love Dwight Howard and Kobe, you must give a real analysis on that cause I’ve never things like that man. I mean I remenber Jordan could get by you like Kobe can and maybe dunk, pull up with a jumper or dunk on you like Lebron, you know he got more power to his dunks, but Kobe defenetly has more style than he did. I just love the way that kid moves the ball. And you saw play for real, with the NBA best, and you saw he is not a selfish player at all, he just did what his team needed. People now a days, are just more of a punk than before, and everybody thinks that they are better than this kids, and you also have a lot a trouble getting to like Kobe that much with his lip licking, and girl rapping fame that he has. I remember I hated him, but you can’t deny that kid is good. And Dwight he is just a monster, I know you can’t talk about him yet, he needs to be consistant before you say anything but what i’ve seen till know it’s just incredible, and i’m not quite sure that you can say he isn’t one of the best you’ve ever seen jut because of his free throws, cause in that cause you’ll have to rule out Shaq as one of the best. Please hit me back with you’re thoughts if you can. And hey remember that I’M REALLY SORRY.

1 01 2008

MY FINAL THOUGHT—— If the team remains the way it is right now, the 92 team would defenetly win, but if they changed the line up like I wrote, I’ll bet against them.

1 01 2008

Danny – you’re more than welcome to comment on anything you want, whenever you want. Glad to see someone with an opinion!

2 01 2008

THANK YOU MAN, when ever you’d like hit back with any coments. I don’t mind if you insult any of todays player, for real.

28 01 2008

Hey great comparison i love readin about Team USA….i compared the two teams on my site as well

5 08 2008

Hey! Just noticed somthing: Then, it was Longer shoes and short shorts, now its short shoes and longer shorts; more caremas, plasma screens…but nothing comes close to the 92 Dreamteam…its even had 2 birds(Larry and Michael).
But they’re a very good team. Jus requesting them kindly to not break all the rimz…what!…break’em, guyz!
Best of wishes to them anyway.

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