Blogsifting: I know what I want for Christmas…

10 12 2007

Erina’s luscious

Well, Christmas is damn close now, and I for one am looking forward to spending it in a warmer climate than that which I’m now in. Should be interesting, as I’ve not experienced a Summer Christmas for about 7 years…

Anyway, lots of interesting stuff on the interwebby…

  1. Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers – all the action captured at Forum Blue and Gold, courtesy of Kurt!
  2. Same game, slightly different perspective over at Irish Warriors. Check out their preview of the GSW vs LAL game!
  3. As suggested by yours truly in an article for the Chicago Sports Weekly, highly-sought Japanese free agent Fukudome has declared he wants to head to the US. Babes Love Baseball has the story.
  4. As mentioned it’s Christmas soon… The guys at The Ghost of Wayne Fontes explore what sports stars (should) want for Christmas.
  5. A simple suggestion from Five Tool Tool, and one that would have a fantastic result (imo).
  6. Dwight vs LeBron – who would you take? Epic Carnival.
  7. And lastly, some fantastic reading over at HoopsAddictthe NBA Excelsior: NBA Player/Coach Honors.



2 responses

14 12 2007

heya don

wow! ur blog’s coming along nicely. so how u been?

xoxo sepa

14 12 2007

Hey Sepa – yup, pretty happy with it. I’m good – how about you? Enjoy ‘schoolies’?

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