Insanity in the form of a 9 year old Hockey player

10 12 2007

Saw this last night on ESPN.  So glad it made it to YouTube, so it can be seen by more.  Max Gerlach at 9 years of age pulls a move Gretzky would be proud of.

Pretty damn insane, huh?




4 responses

12 12 2007

That was sick!! I’ve watched that clip a couple times and I have no clue how that kid Max pulled that off.

12 12 2007

That was pretty special, huh?
I can’t stop watching it… (well… every few hours or so!) 😉

27 12 2007
Mary and Bill Gerlach

Grandma and Grandpa are pretty proud of their little hockey star!

27 12 2007

As well they you should be! Definitely, the future’s bright for this lil’ guy…

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