Top Sports Stories in Japan…

11 12 2007

Yet another Yoko Kumada pic… but damn…Been a few days since I’ve posted one of these…

Up now – today’s top sports headlines in Japan are:

  • Wild Knights get past Verblitz with last minute try (Top League Rugby Japan)… [Daily YomiuriDamnit.  Toyota Verblitz are my local team, but I do like the Sanyo Wild Knights (only team with an English website)…
  • Greisinger to join Giants (NPB)… [Daily YomiuriAaaah crap.  The Yomiuri Giants get yet another top-line pitcher…
  • Fukudome says “No Thanks” to Yomiuri Giants (NPB/MLB)… [Mainichi ShimbunPhew… at least one baseball player isn’t headed to the Tokyo Dome.  Still hoping he ends up a cubbie…
  • Asashoryu banned from entering stable (sumo)… [Japan TimesBizarre.  Asa has a regular practice of sometimes training at rival sumo stables.  Tomozuna, stable master of the Takasago stable banned Asashoryu from entering, due to having ‘fundamental disagreements with Asa’s sumo philosophy’…
  • Arsenal loses – first loss of the season (English Premier League)… [Japan TimesEnglish version of the Pats’ run…



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