Radioactive Warning: Usage At Your Own Risk

12 12 2007

There are some sports-personalities that create a situation where they accrue a certain degree of ‘radioactivity’.  That is to say that they may become so detrimental to their sport that at the very least, they come with a ‘handle with care’ label.  Some are virtually unemployable.  Thus, the ‘radioactive’ warning.  Note: any player who is considered ‘radioactive’, even with a ‘low rating’, is still a dangerous proposition…

Some of the more obvious in their respective sports…

Barry Bonds - HighBarry Bonds – Bonds is pretty much limited to playing in the American League as a DH now, and even then, it’s going to be a stretch as to whether he finds a team to ply his trade with. 
The perjury trial looms large and dark over his immediate future… add to that his advanced age (at least as far as professional baseballer’s go), and it doesn’t bode well for the slugger.  That’s totally ignoring the issue that in general he’s considered to be an absolutely deplorable player to have within the clubhouse. 
It’s highly unlikely that Barry finds himself on a roster come next season – far too radioactive.

Isiah Thomas - HighIsiah Thomas – Seemingly invulnerable at the moment at the New York Knicks, but things are racing towards an inevitable storm at the MSG. 
Sooner or later, Dolan’s going to have to cut Isiah, or risk alienating his entire fanbase… if he hasn’t done so already. 
Once that occurs, Thomas is done. 
All that’s occurred is that an unrepentant Isiah Thomas has painted himself as irredeemable, unemployable… and highly radioactive.

Stephon Marbury - HighStephon Marbury – cannot do a post about Isiah’s shortcomings without a follow-up about Starbury. 
The two go hand-in-glove… and if not hand-in-glove, then at least handcuffed. 
Whilst Marbury has become a veritable law unto himself in Madison Square Gardens, he is recognized as cancer within the locker-room by pretty much every other franchise. 
Whatever it is that he has as leverage over Isiah Thomas must be quite ominous for him to have the license to act with the impunity he currently enjoys within the New York Knicks franchise. 
Once his millstone of a contract expires at the Knicks, it’s impossible to imagine that another team picks him up, unless it’s at a bargain-basement price… despite his obvious talent – and that earns him a ‘high’ rating.

James Dolan - MediumJames Dolan – in no danger of finding himself without a job – as he owns the franchise – but this owner has to be included merely for the way that he has not only allowed Isiah to run the once-proud New York franchise into the ground, but also for the way that he has steadfastly supported Thomas throughout the process. 
He is simply complicit.
The degree of disgust with which New York fans hold Isiah Thomas, and by inaction – James Dolan, is incredible.
This owner does run the risk of his daddy stepping in, and giving him a good ol’ fashioned dressing-down.  Because he currently runs the show, only a medium level of radioactivity.

Michael Vick - MediumMichael Vick – As a quarterback, he wasn’t that good. 
Ok, ok… granted: an amazing athlete, and he challenged teams to stop him – his mobility second to no other QB in the NFL.  But he’d never be mistaken for being anywhere near the stratosphere of Manning & Brady. 
Not even on a parity with Carson Palmer, Tony Romo or Ben Roethlisberger. 
Does anyone doubt that he’d never lead Atlanta to a Superbowl as QB? 
Once he gets out of jail, and serves whatever suspension that the Commissioner lays on him, he will be the far side of 30 before he gets on to turf again… and with 3 to 4 years out of the game. 
Vick will have massive baggage too, there will be those that push for him to never set foot on a ground again. 
For what it’s worth, I think he plays again, but not as a quarterback.  As such, only gets a medium rating.

Ron Artest - LowRon Artest – Not quite as prohibitive as the previously named denizens of the dark, but none-the-less, should be handled with extreme care. 
Ron-ron really needs an incredibly strong personality dealing with him, merely to keep him in check. 
Even the great Larry Bird wasn’t able to keep a suitable reign on Artest, and pretty much every team that looks at bringing in Ronnie has to weigh up the immense chance of an RA implosion. 
Will always have a team to go to (unless something worse than he’s already done occurs), but will never command the salary that his level of play dictates he should – thus his ‘low’ rating…

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to add ’em in the comments section…

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9 responses

12 12 2007

Ben Cousins has to up there.

Anyone who rides in the top 5 of the tour de france, has have some radioactive flavour!

13 12 2007
Fred Sanford

“It’s highly unlikely that Barry finds himself on a roster come next season”

He was the second best hitter in baseball last year. You’re fooling yourself if you don’t think some AL team takes a five mil flier on dude. Probably the A’s.

13 12 2007

Yup… a pretty damn good hitter.
But the impending court case, and the fact that the guy is a complete a-hole, and that there’ll be a fairly strong reaction from fans – mean that any team taking him will be EXTREMELY wary of taking him. As it stands now, no team’ll take him Fred, despite your assertion. If the court case takes a turn in his favor… it’s a possibility.

13 12 2007
Aaron Becker

I wonder how much oxygen the roid list (when it’s released) will suck out of Bonds court room, or will it just add fuel to the fire?

13 12 2007
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13 12 2007

Marion Jones?

13 12 2007

Ben Johnson.

13 12 2007

I don’t think Ben does much any more any way… but Marion Jones is a good one.

14 12 2007

As far as Bonds goes, I think someone will be willing to take a chance on him. The question is whether he’ll be willing to play for less pay.

The sad thing is that Barry very much did this to himself. He’d have made Cooperstown before steroids. I had him on my rotisserie team for three years. Before he bulked up, he was a stats god. Now he’s a hitter with not much speed.

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