Top Sports Stories in Japan…

12 12 2007

3’s better than 1…Damn, but I hate the cold.  Looking forward to a Summer Christmas (my first in many a year…).

Today’s top sports stories in Japan were:

  • Murofushi runs for IOC board… [Daily Yomiuri]   Hammer thrower runs for the athlete position on the IOC.
  • Shy Prince holds the key to golfing success?… [Daily Yomiuri More evidence of Ryo Ishikawa’s potential to become a star…
  • Fukudome headed to Chicago… [Mainichi DailyJapanese outfielder heads to the Majors.  For my money, he succeeds…
  • Ogasawara’s salary unchanged at Yomiuri (NPB)… [Japan TimesSolid performer still rakes in the cash – ¥380 million is pretty good in Japan…
  • The bizarre world of sumo – more on Asashoryu… [Japan TimesTalk about dwelling on idiocies… folks still disliking Asa because he ‘hasn’t apologised properly’??  Give the guy a break: he wins, and is good for sumo…



One response

13 12 2007
Aaron Becker

I love it cold, unless it’s windy, of course. And I’ll never get used to summer X-mases 😉 Admit it, football or league is better when it’s cold ;~)

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